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Apple is reportedly preparing a Google Now competitor that will automatically provide timely information

The new service will use Siri, Contacts, Calendar, Passbook, and even third-party apps.

Long-rumored AppleBot Web crawler is the real deal

Apple has confirmed that it operates its very own search engine Web crawler.

Twitter will become even more integrated with iOS and OS X

Deeper Twitter integration is coming to Apple's operating systems.

Apple reiterates commitment to user privacy following Spotlight Suggestions 'backlash'

The report on the alleged lack of privacy of Apple's Spotlight Suggestions has been greatly exaggerated.

Cydia tweak: SpotFile usefully adds iFile functionality to Spotlight

This jailbreak tweak brings iFile-inspired enhancements to Spotlight.

Cydia tweak: QuickScope revamps search on Apple's iOS

If Spotlight isn't enough for you, QuickScope promises a fully-featured search solution for iOS.

Cydia tweak: Give iOS 7's Spotlight an iOS 8-inspired update with Smart Search

Smart Search, a new jailbreak tweak, brings the iOS 8 Spotlight to our iOS 7-powered devices.

Cydia Tweak: Aslock Adds 2 Useful Gestures To The iOS Spotlight Interface

Bypass your iPhone's physical buttons with Aslock.

Alfred Developer Not Worried About Spotlight In OS X 10.10 Yosemite

Andrew and Vero Pepperrell are promising to add new features to the app soon.

Apple Refines Spotlight And Safari Search In iOS 8

Apple's iOS 8 includes enhancements to Spotlight.

Apple Shines The Spotlight On OS X Yosemite's Redesigned Search Experience

Yosemite comes with plenty of new features, including an all new experience for Spotlight.

Cydia Tweak: How To Personalize The iOS Spotlight Search

This new jailbreak tweak lets users add their own message or greeting to Spotlight.

Cydia Tweak: SpotiSearch Brings Spotify Searching To Spotlight

SpotiSearch is a new jailbreak tweak that Spotify users will appreciate and enjoy.

Cydia Tweak: How To Get Spotlight To Take You To An App's Location, Instead

Icon Finder adds a "Reveal in Finder"-style option to Spotlight.

Cydia Tweak: SearchAmplius Adds Cydia Store, App Store And More To Spotlight

SearchAmplius is a new jailbreak tweak that can expand on Spotlight's functionality.

Cydia Tweak: SearchCollapse Allows Users To Collapse Spotlight Search Results

SearchCollapse makes it easier for jailbreakers to manage Spotlight.

Cydia Tweak: TaskMaster Turns Spotlight Into More Of A Useful Feature

This new jailbreak tweak promises to make Spotlight all the more useful.

SLightEnhancerSearch: Add Additional Search Options To Spotlight

Improve Spotlight Search on your jailbroken handset with this new jailbreak tweak.

Jailbreak Only: SLShortcuts - Adds Custom Text Commands To Spotlight

An upcoming jailbreak tweak called "SLShortcuts" promises to expand Spotlight's functionality on iOS devices. Once downloaded, the tweak allows users to configure custom text commands from within the Settings app, and launch them from the Spotlight search page.

Quick Trick: Speed Up Your iOS 4-Running iPhone 3G

If you're unhappy with the speed of your iOS 4-running iPhone 3G, then read on to find out more about a quick trick that could make a big difference!