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word games

Unscramble the words and solve the squares in Word²

Word² is a challenging new word game where you must unscramble and decode the words in the squares.

Best puzzle games of all time

Get ready for your brain to hurt in the best way with the best puzzle games of all time.

Best new iOS gaming round-up

Stop searching the App Store for new games, we're rounding the best ones up on today's show.

Triple Town creator Spry Fox releases Alphabear word puzzler

Don't let all the cuteness and colors fool you: Alphabear offers plenty of word puzzling challenges amid its seemingly easy-breezy atmosphere.

National Geographic themed photography featured in sequel to Bonza Word Puzzle

The new edition of Bonza includes jigsaw puzzles and picture clues featuring photography from National Geographic.

Best new games for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch

Get ready for the hottest new games on, and soon to be on, the App Store with our gaming weekly video roundup.

NimbleBit's Capitals is a word game with a strategic spin

Capitals from NimbleBits is finally here, but does it live up to the hype?

Smart Aliens get to invade iOS again through Bulkypix's Space Hangman

As its name suggests, Space Hangman is a space-themed version of the classic game of hangman.

Lettercraft is a fast-paced word game that tests your vocabulary skills like no other

You'll have to spell quickly to rack up the points in this challenging and unique word game.

Decipher the words in Alpha Omega, a challenging new word puzzle game

Alpha Omega is a fantastic new word game with a fun twist.

Bonza Word Puzzle sequel to feature National Geographic themes and photography

Bonza Word Puzzle is getting a sequel, and it’s going to bear the brand of National Geographic.

Zynga invites you to go on a world tour with its new Words With Friends spinoff

Words On Tour combines Boggle-style word-building, Wheel of Fortune-style phrase-solving, and Candy Crush Saga-style level progression.

Hasbro and Backflip Studios offer a new play on words with Scrabble Pics

What do you get if you combine Scrabble and Pictionary, both of which happen to be published by Hasbro?

Spelling means life or death in Highrise Heroes, a challenging new word game

Highrise Heroes is not your typical word game.

NFL 'Legion of Boom' cornerback Richard Sherman presents Letters of Boom

What happens if you get Richard Sherman, one of the cornerback members of the Seattle Seahawks’ “Legion of Boom,” to make a word game?

Check out the best games for your new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus

Here are the first games you'll want to play on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

Popular strategic word game Wordbase updated with new chat feature

Now, you can chat with your friends aka your opponents while playing Wordbase.

AppAdvice Daily: Get your game on this weekend with Alphabeats and Beyond Gravity

Make words to the beat and defy gravity with our best new games of the week.

Use your extensive vocabulary to save the world with new word game Letter Hero

How many words can you make out of random letters flying by, in just two minutes? Give it your best shot, you may be the next Letter Hero.

Popular 'Tetris with letters' word game Letris updated with new online multiplayer modes

The popular "Tetris with letters" word game Letris has just received another huge update.

AppAdvice Daily: speed spelling and monster mutilation with the best new games of the week

Get ready to be stuck on your phone this weekend after checking out the best new games of the week.

Spell To The Beat In Alphabeats, An Upcoming Music-Based Word Game

Alphabeats could be the most exciting word game we've seen yet.

You'll Need To Spell Faster Than Your Opponent In Haste, A Speedy iPhone Word Game

Haste is an addictive word game where you don't have time to waste.

How Many Words Can You Form Before The Time Bomb Blows?

Are you ready to face the ultimate word challenge? Form as many words as possible to beat the level before a time bomb detonates.