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Vampires, Fast Cars, And A Reimagined Twitter Client Come To iPad

Vampires, Fast Cars, And A Reimagined Twitter Client Come To iPad

May 1, 2011
Order & Chaos, Monopoly, and i. TV make up some of the best iPad apps of the week. AppAdvice iPad App Of The Week: Order & Chaos Online by Gameloft Gameloft's answer to the insanely popular PC and Mac MMORPG World of Warcraft (WOW) has hit the App Store in the form of Order & Chaos Online. Like WOW, this is a full 3D game that has social elements and a lot of player-interactivity involved. You need to be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi (word is that 3G isn't supported) in order to play Order & Chaos because it is designed for online play. In order to succeed in Order & Chaos, you will need to trade, interact, form teams with other players, and possibly duel as well. The game lets you choose similar factions to WOW, with the four selectable races being orcs, humans, elves, and the undead. Some of the game's other features include the ability to play with hundreds of other players simultaneously, exploring huge territories; finding unique items, weapons and armor; and upgrading your character through combat. Order & Chaos Online – Released: April 27 ($6.99, universal); original article New Releases – April 24-30, 2011 Our Choice Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore has released a new universal app in the App Store. Our Choice is an interactive app that looks at the purported causes of global warming and offers solutions. Created by Push Pop Press, Inc., the app includes Gore’s narrative with photography, interactive graphics, animations, and one hour worth of documentary footage. Our Choice – Released: April 28 ($4.99, universal); original article ThinkBook for iPad In a bid to offer the next great notebook app, the folks at Bitolithic released ThinkBook for iPad. At its core, ThinkBook is a versatile note-taking app with some remarkable and unique features. If you love the look and feel of the Reeder for iPad news app, you will adore this app, since they look similar. ThinkBook for iPad – Released: April 28 ($1.99); original article TweetyPop – Twitter, Reimagined TapFactory wants to bring the world of Twitter into a new dimension, not only one of space but of time. Thanks to TapFactory's new app, TweetyPop – Twitter, Reimagined, iPad users will now be able to look at the Twitterverse from a whole new perspective. So, what's the big deal about TweetyPop compared to so many of the other Twitter clients? Even though TweetyPop can display a users Twitter timeline in the traditional chronological list view, the real benefit is the 3-D view option. This view offers a three-dimensional environment where your tweets are displayed in the perspective of depth in association to how long ago they were posted. TweetyPop – Twitter, Reimagined – Released: April 28 ($1.99); original article Vampire Rush HD Vampire Rush HD is a brand new Chillingo title for iDevices that offers tower defense gameplay mixed in with some hack 'n slash action. The premise of the game is that you are a hero and adventurer named Captain Greg; and your job is to defend the gates of the underworld from various creatures and minions of hell entering this realm. You will be facing deadly creatures such as werewolves and vampire bloodsuckers. Some of them will have magical abilities and minions to do their bidding. Vampire Rush HD – Released April 28 ($2.99); original article Updated Uzu The award winning Uzu -- one of the iPad's first truly beautiful visualizers -- has just been pushed to version 2.0. Obviously, it's not a proper sequel (the coloration, presentation, and style haven't changed), but this release should be an Uzu fan's ultimate update. So far, the new version has received all 5-star ratings in the App Store, and for good reason: The app retains its silky-smooth frame rate and responsiveness while adding every option imaginable, from a multi-axis rotational symmetry system to user-defined saveable presets. Uzu – Updated April 25 ($1.99); original article MONOPOLY for iPad Venan Entertainment and Electronic Arts make their own contribution to the improvement of the environment by bringing a hybrid into the mix of transportation choices, plus additional statistics, some gameplay improvements, and more in Monopoly for iPad v1.0.3. So, adding a Toyota Prius mover to Monopoly's player representation pieces probably isn't going to make a groundbreaking difference in air quality or ozone depletion rates, but it is a neat addition to a game that could use a little freshening up here and there. Let's face it, the movers are a big deal to players, plus they're the easiest thing to add and make changes to without messing up the classic gameplay. Monopoly for iPad– Updated: April 27 ($9.99); original article Fast Five the Movie: Office Game HD Fast Five the Movie: Official Game HD is now available to download in the App Store for $4.99. The game allows users to play as Brian O'Connor, "assemble an elite team of top racers," and battle opponents behind the wheel of a "dream car." The app, which is developed by Gameloft (and is the official game of Fast & Furious 5: Rio Heist), features impressive graphics and exciting gameplay. A single player mode allows gamers to race against "hard-nosed federal agent Luke Hobbs," accessing features such as "Rewind Time" - which gives racers a second chance after a terrible crash - and enjoying "impressive realization and fluid animation." Additionally, a multiplayer mode allows racers to challenge other players (up to 10 online), and share the action. Fast Five the Movie: Official Game HD– Updated: April 29 ($4.99); original article At Bat 11 for iPad The official MLB app for iPad got a small update, but the few improvements could be big news for select baseball fans keeping track of games using their iOS tablet. The highlight of At Bat 11 for iPad v4.1.3 is the new video mirroring support when using the Apple Digital AV Adapter to output video to your HDMI-equipped TV, projector, or computer display. This feature provides users with a great way to bring the GameDay action to a much bigger screen for the whole group to see. At Bat 11 for iPad – Updated: April 29 ($14.99); original article i. TV A long time in the making, i.TV 3.0 is finally here, and it's a whole new experience. This major update brings native iPad support, plenty of new features, a whole new look, and puts the focus directly on your TV watching-related goodness. So many things to talk about, but we'll take it one step at a time. One of the bigger additions to i.TV is iPad optimization. As much as everything is doable in the same manner as with an iPhone or iPod touch, taking advantage of the extra screen space can make things that much more efficient. The primary difference is that the iPad user interface has sliding columns to show additional information versus a fully changing screen. When you're finished looking up show specifics, just slide the panel off screen with a drag of your finger. i.TV – Updated: April 30 (free, universal); original article What do you think of our picks? Leave your comments below. The Best iPad Apps Of The Week is published each weekend; a companion piece, The Best iPhone Apps Of The Week, is published separately.

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