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Apple’s Fall Event: The iPad Mini, New iPods And More

Apple’s Fall Event: The iPad Mini, New iPods And More

September 11, 2012
In one day, Apple will hold their fall event in San Francisco, Calif. When they do, Cupertino will almost certainly unveil their sixth-generation iPhone and iOS 6. However, other products might also be announced on the stage at the Yerba Buena Center. Here is our second of two reports on what to expect tomorrow.


New iPods

In addition to a new iPhone, Apple will likely launch a new line of iPods. Included here will almost certainly be a refreshed iPod nano and iPod touch, neither of which have been updated significantly in recent years. We could also see a new iPod Shuffle, which hasn’t received any update since Sept. 2010. The biggest question is whether Apple will finally update the iPod Classic, which hasn’t received a refresh since 2009. The Classic was once Apple’s most popular iPod. Of course, that was before iOS and the introduction of the App Store. Apple is likely to change the design of the dock connector for all of their mobile devices. Because of this, Cupertino will have to change the Classic, or end it. Our bet: The iPod Classic is history.

A newer iPad

While they won’t call it the “new new iPad,” Apple is likely to unveil a brand new tablet tomorrow. This iPad, which will still be considered a third generation model, will probably include Apple’s new dock connector, a better battery, improved display, and a thinner case. A big unknown: Will Apple finally drop the price of the iPad?


iPad Mini

We’re convinced that the so-called iPad Mini is real and will arrive for the holiday shopping season. However, we aren’t yet convinced that Apple will unveil it during tomorrow’s presentation. Instead, Apple may wait and schedule another event in the coming weeks to finally launch a 7.85-inch tablet.


New Macs

New updates for the iMac and MacBook Pro are likely this fall. However, like the iPad Mini, we don’t expect them to show up tomorrow. Instead, Apple will likely delay their launches until later this fall. When the new Macs do arrive, don’t expect the iMac to receive the Retina display treatment. Instead, this feature should arrive on a 13-inch MacBook Pro model only.

Final thought

The iPhone’s arrival tomorrow is assured. Beyond this, however, anything could happen. Apple could use their media event to unveil the iPad Mini, or they may not. Additionally, while we expect a newer iPad to arrive, that too could be delayed until later. One thing is for sure: We can’t wait to cover Apple’s event for you. Our coverage begins shortly before 1 p.m. EDT. We hope to see you there. In the meantime, be sure to read our previous report, Apple's Fall Event: The New iPhone, iOS 6 And More.  

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