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It Could Be Apple Isn't Ready To Unveil New Apple TV Hardware Yet

It Could Be Apple Isn't Ready To Unveil New Apple TV Hardware Yet

October 21, 2013
Countless rumors circulating online have claimed that new Apple TV hardware is set to be announced at Apple's Tuesday media event. However, according to longtime Apple commentator MG Siegler, it could be that Apple actually isn't ready to unveil a refreshed Apple TV product, after all. Back in September, Siegler published a Twitter update indicating that a new Apple TV was indeed incoming: "I guess those excited about a software refresh in a week are gonna be *really* excited when new Apple TV hardware is unveiled next month," he told his 130,000 followers in an update published on Sept. 11. Since, a number of additional factors have persuaded analysts and commentators to propose that a refreshed Apple TV could indeed be one of Apple's product announcements on Tuesday, along with an iPad 5, iPad mini 2, and an updated MacBook Pro. These have included seemingly leaked information at Amazon's European storefronts, analysis from the likes of NPD DisplaySearch, and the hope that "an October surprise" could be in the Apple pipeline. Now, however, Siegler is backtracking on his original Twitter update. Claiming that he cares most about "being right," the commentator offers a cautionary note concerning the Apple TV over at his personal website, ParisLemon. Drawing attention to the Twitter update he published back in September, Siegler explains:
Well, now I feel the need to pour a little — just a little, mind you — cold water on the rumor fire. While I still haven’t heard anything concrete, the most recent whispers I have heard is that the Apple TV project has been delayed a bit. That doesn’t mean we won’t see an Apple TV update at the event — we could see an updated unit with a spec bump or something. But the thing to be more excited about, the device with some sort of newfangled control system, doesn’t seem like it’s ready just yet.
Back in September, we noted in an aside that Apple was indeed said to be developing an Apple TV set-top box that offered so-called "Xbox Kinect-like motion sensors," and it seems that this could be the "newfangled control system" Siegler refers to. He continues:
Again, not a lot of concrete information here, which is why I only tweeted in the first place. But if I were a betting man, I wouldn’t bet on some huge new Apple TV update at this event. I think the new iPads, Macs, and OS X Mavericks will be enough for one event for Apple. Originally, I had heard this new-style Apple TV (not an actual television, by the way) was slated for sometime around this November. It’s hard to imagine Apple holding a third event following the iPhone one in September and the iPad event next week. But who knows? Not me, this time.
Of course, a third Apple media event in 2013 would be feasible, provided the Cupertino, Calif. company complimented its refreshed Apple TV hardware with product information of some other kind, too - even just enhanced Apple TV software. This could help to establish the set-top box as a major product in its own right, rather than it being the "hobby" Apple updates each year. Given the new features and channels added to the Apple TV in recent months, the product is certainly growing in terms of both its functionality and user base. However, an additional media event would indeed be uncharacteristic for Apple, as Siegler notes. As a reminder, Apple's media event is set to begin at 10 a.m. PDT on Tuesday. We'll be covering the day's news from start to finish, so be sure to check back with us. In the meantime, see: Apple Reveals New iOS 7-Style Icons For iLife And iWork, GarageBand To Go FreemiumApple Goes For Gold And Touts Touch ID Feature In First TV Ad For iPhone 5s, and Today's Best Apps: Curiosity And AirMusic Play.

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