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This Week In Accessories: Mummy Case, Astro Backup Battery And More

This Week In Accessories: Mummy Case, Astro Backup Battery And More

October 18, 2013
Welcome back. Accessory manufacturers have been on a roll, continuing to release a great amount of new companions for your iOS devices. This week, we’re highlighting a “spooky” iPhone 5s/5 case, a reasonably priced backup battery, and more.

Mummy Case for the iPhone 5s/5 from Loop

A unique option for the iPhone 5s/5, the Mummy Case from Loop blends protection and functionality. Along with providing access to all switches, ports, and the camera lens, users can store credit cards in the back of the case. The smooth finish is also designed to repel pocket lint. The case is available in a number of colors, including the pictured white version, and can be purchased from Loop’s site now for $25.

Astro Backup Battery from Anker

Anker has recently introduced a new member of its Astro family of backup batteries. The second-generation Astro features a 6,000 mAH capacity and can charge a completely depleted iPhone 5s around three times. The device’s Smart Port identifies what type of device is connected and delivers the fastest possible charge. After connecting the battery to a device, simply shake the Astro to start charging. Cascading LED lights show how much charge is left in the cell. The Astro retails for $34.99 and can be purchased now on An accessory bag is also included.

Powerball from Digital Treasures

While it’s not exactly a lottery jackpot, the new Powerball from Digital Treasures is a portable and inexpensive Bluetooth speaker. Thanks to a 40mm driver, the speaker has an output of 1.6 watts. A removable lid helps protect the speaker during transport. The battery can be juiced up with a micro-USB cable and can blast music for up to 12 hours before needing to be recharged. A hanging strap allows music lovers to place the speaker almost anywhere. Buyers can select from six different colors - blue, green, pink, red, black, and purple. It can be purchased now for $49.95 on the Digital Treasures site.

TwoHands II by Felix

The new TwoHands II from Felix is a travel stand designed to hold onto an iPad or any other tablet. Slim and lightweight, the stand works with all generations of the larger Apple tablet. Just squeeze the back of the clip to open the arms and then fasten it to your device. With a sliding action, the clip also  allows users to quickly and easily find the most comfortable viewing angle. A silicone anti-slip base and a soft touch grip ensure a tablet will remain secure on a surface. Available exclusively at most Target stores and at, TwoHands II is $24.99. It comes in three colors – black, blue, and pink.

QUEST Mounting System from Seidio

Bikers, runners, and drivers should all like Seidio’s new QUEST Mounting System. Compatible with the company’s OBEX and CONVERT rugged cases, there are three separate options in the series – an armband, bike mount, and car mount. The $34.95 armband is adjustable and allows runners to scroll through a playlist with ease. For $19.95, the bike mount fastens directly onto handlebars and also has an adjustable tension ring to help find the perfect viewing angle. A $34.95 car mount sticks to either the windshield or dashboard and features an extendable mounting arm. All three mounts can be purchased on Seidio’s site now. A package with all three mounts is $79.95.

Alternate Case for the iPhone 5s/5 from Cygnett

The Alternate from Cygnett gives iPhone 5s/5 owners a chance to customize their case. Each of the three versions comes with two alternate colored end pieces for the top and bottom of the case. The end cap can also be removed to allow for easy docking. Buyers can choose from one of three different color combinations – gray/black/lime, silver/white/blue, and pink/white/pop pink. Each color is $29.99 and can be ordered now from Cygnett’s site. A screen protector is also included.

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