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Where's My Mickey? Gets Its First Major Content Update Adding New Levels And More

Where's My Mickey? Gets Its First Major Content Update Adding New Levels And More

October 31, 2013
Disney has just updated its fun Where's My Mickey? application for the iPhone and iPod touch, along with Where's My Mickey? XL for iPad, adding 40 brand new levels which are free to access for a limited time only. Though Disney hasn't confirmed how long the aforementioned offer is going to be available for, iDevice owners new to Where's My Mickey?, along with those updating the application, can access the additional content free of charge right now. Of course, this is great news for gamers; it looks like the 40 free levels added in version 1.1 of the apps will gain a $0.99 in-app price tag in the near future. Besides adding new levels to the game, both Where's My Mickey? and Where's My Mickey? XL have received cartoons in the recent update, along with levels that are inspired by the Mickey Cartoons added. Finally, a number of helpful hints will appear throughout the applications when gamers get stuck. As outlined in the apps' release notes, changes made to Where's My Mickey? and Where's My Mickey? XL include:
  • 40 brand new Mickey levels FREE for a limited time!
  • Watch Mickey Cartoons and play new levels that are inspired by the stories! Available in selected regions.
  • Stuck? Use the new hints feature to help solve those extra challenging puzzles!
This isn't the only great app update to have appeared today: as you may have seen, PhotoToaster, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, and Soulver have all received noteworthy updates, too. It's worth adding also that the free version of Where's My Mickey?, Where's My Mickey? Free, hasn't received the above update. Both the $0.99 Where's My Mickey? and the $2.99 Where's My Mickey? XL have, however, and the updates can be downloaded in the App Store now. Check out the updated applications, or for more of our recent news, see: Keep Your Agenda In Sync With These Calendar Apps For iPhone And iPadApple Probably Needs An Entirely New Product For Retail Traffic To Increase, and For Brits, The New 4G LTE PAYG Plans From O2 Get Better Over Time.

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