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Shazam Update Brings Rdio Support

Music tagging app Shazam has just been recently updated to add compatibility with a popular music streaming service. In version 7.2.0 of the app, users can connect with Rdio to listen to Shazam tracks as a Rdio playlist. Also, sharing Shazam tags by email now includes large cover art for your track and links to for videos and more. The update offers a number of fixes to improve the display of TV results from News and restores YouTube video playback for iPad users. For iPhone 4 users, the update fixes disappearing navigation on the Explore screen. There are three different versions of Shazam to download in the App Store. Shazam Encore will set you back $6.99 while the ad-supported Shazam app is free. (Shazam) RED will also set you back the same $6.99. All versions are universal and designed for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad/iPad mini. Before the most recent update, the last major version of the app arrived in late October. That brought a smarter News feed, artist updates, and more. For other recent app news, see: Apple Forces Changes To Handy App TextExpander, Celebrate The Holidays With The Robertsons In Duck Dynasty: Battle Of The Beards, and Fleksy 2.0 Features New Engine, Layout And Features For More Flexible Typing.
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