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Shazam Update Finally Brings Auto Tagging To The iPhone

For the second time this month, popular media tagging app Shazam has been updated. Version 7.3.0 brings a big addition for iPhone/iPod touch users. Auto Shazam continuously listens for both TV and music, even if you leave the app itself or lock your phone. The iPad app added the feature earlier this year. Users can activate the feature by flipping the switch on the app’s home screen. As a precaution to help conserve battery life, Auto Shazam automatically turns off if your device’s battery falls below 20 percent, which is very nice to see. All users can now share Shazam Tags with friends via WhatsApp. Tags can also be pinned to a favorite Pinterest board or shared with iMessage. Finally, the app will not ask to use your location again if you have previously said no. There are three different versions of the Shazam app that can be downloaded now in the App Store. The ad-supported Shazam is free, while both Shazam Encore and (Shazam)RED cost $6.99. All versions of the app are universal and designed for both the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad/iPad mini. Arriving earlier this month, version 7.2 of Shazam brought the ability for users to connect with Rdio. Shazam tracks can be listened to as a playlist on the streaming music service.
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