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SwiftKey Virtual Keyboard To Launch For iOS In A Dedicated App

SwiftKey Virtual Keyboard To Launch For iOS In A Dedicated App

January 24, 2014

An Android-inspired SwiftKey virtual keyboard might be one feature we’d like Apple to implement in iOS 8, but if a recent link published from the reliable Twitter account @evleaks is anything to go by, we could first see the more efficient keyboard launch for Apple’s mobile OS in a dedicated iOS application.

Called SwiftKey Note, the application has appeared in an image published from the @evleaks account. You’ll remember that the same Twitter account has shown a couple of other products ahead of schedule, including MOGA’s Ace Power and Logitech’s PowerBank iOS controllers, as well as the upcoming iOS controller from Razer and several iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c cases. The accompanying text reads “SwiftKey Note for iOS,” and no information concerning a potential release date is provided.

Here’s the Twitter update:

The SwiftKey keyboard allows Android users to type much quicker than they would on a conventional on-screen keyboard. Rather than touching individual keys, users instead drag their finger from one letter to the next when typing a word, tapping to spell out words where necessary. It’s one of the best-selling applications for Google’s mobile OS, spending more time occupying the No. 1 paid app position in the Google Play store during 2012 than any other Android application.

For an idea of how SwiftKey for Android works, check out the below video:

If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.

Because Apple locks down core elements in its iOS, it’s likely never going to be possible to install a universal SwiftKey keyboard for the mobile OS (not without resorting to a jailbreak, that is). But for those looking to enjoy a SwiftKey experience on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, it looks like the aforementioned dedicated iOS app will provide the next-best solution.

We’ll let you know once SwiftKey Note is available to download.

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