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MOGA Has A New Bluetooth-Connected Ace Power Controller In The Works

MOGA Has A New Bluetooth-Connected Ace Power Controller In The Works

February 28, 2014

Its Ace Power might have failed to impress critics, but MOGA is set to release a new and improved MFi (Made for iPhone) game controller in the near future. Though we've only got a teaser image (above) to go by for the time being, we do know MOGA's second-gen Ace Power will connect using Bluetooth, which is a big deal.

This should mean that unlike its first-gen Ace Power, MOGA's Ace Power 2 will be compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, rather than Apple's smaller iOS devices only. Plus, much like SteelSeries' Stratus, we could see support for OS X thrown in for good measure, too.

We can tell Bluetooth support is going to feature on Ace Power 2 because the controller clearly includes a Bluetooth pairing button. There also appears to be a couple of joysticks, a D-pad, and four colored buttons; yet beyond this, little else concerning the upcoming product is known.

MOGA's second-gen Ace Power looks promising: Bluetooth support means it should succeed where the first-gen model fell short, and as we discussed in our review of Logitech's PowerShell, the inclusion of a couple of joysticks is a real must-have for any iOS gamepad. But with SteelSeries' Stratus – which offers a similar feature set – already available for $79.99, we're not sure what, exactly, could encourage iOS gamers to hold out for MOGA's second-generation product.

Remember, of course, that jailbroken iOS device users can connect up a Sony DualShock controller to their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using a clever package called Controllers for All. This first launched back in January, and received an update one week later adding support for the DualShock 4.

For a better idea of what you should expect from an MFi gamepad, check our review of Logitech's PowerShell. We'll keep you updated with further information as we receive it.

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