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Cydia Tweak: TwitkaFly For iOS 7 Can Bring Quick Compose, Quick Reply To Twitter

Cydia Tweak: TwitkaFly For iOS 7 Can Bring Quick Compose, Quick Reply To Twitter

March 9, 2014

One jailbreak tweak called TwitkaFly (iOS 7) usefully adds “quick compose” and “quick reply” functionality to Twitter. You can pick up the package on the Cydia Store for $3.99 (though a three-day free trial is available), and the new jailbreak tweak is compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch.

Once downloaded and installed, jailbreakers will be able to quickly compose Twitter updates on the fly using a Notification Center toggle. This appears in the bottom-right of Notification Center by default, and touching the icon activates a pop-up tweet composition interface (pictured above). Plus, the jailbreak tweak also supports Activator and the Flipswitch framework, meaning jailbreakers can set custom gestures and toggles to initiate the quick compose interface, too.

TwitkaFly (iOS 7) also allows users of the Twitter and Tweetbot apps to quickly reply to push notifications for “@ mentions” and direct messages from anywhere in Apple's mobile OS.

The package adds a preferences pane to the built-in Settings app, and here users can enable or disable aspects of the package while also choosing a theme for TwitkaFly – five different themes are available. It's also possible for users to customize the app's compose sheet and to integrate with music that's currently playing on one's iOS device.

As mentioned, TwitkaFly (iOS 7) can be downloaded and used free of charge for three days, after which point users will need to pay $3.99 for a license. It's optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch only at the minute, but an iPad version of the package is expected to launch soon.

Though the new package is compatible iOS 7-powered devices only, versions of the jailbreak tweak for iOS 4, iOS 5, and iOS 6 can also be found in the Cydia Store.

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