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There's A New Touch ID Jailbreak Tweak On The Block

There's A New Touch ID Jailbreak Tweak On The Block

March 15, 2014

More than a handful of Touch ID-enhancing jailbreak tweaks have launched on the Cydia Store since evasi0n7 hit the Web, however A3tweaks and designer Sentry have teamed up to bring a new Touch ID package to jailbroken iPhone 5s handsets. Called Asphaleia, the jailbreak tweak is available to download on the Cydia Store now for $1.99.

As a reminder, so far we've seen AppLocker, AppScan, BioProtect, and BioLockdown launch for the iPhone 5s, and each one expands on Touch ID's core functionality to add the option of locking individual apps using the fingerprint scanner. Asphaleia is one other such jailbreak tweak, but a couple of differences could encourage users to take a chance on the new package rather than choosing one of the older, more refined pieces of software mentioned above.

First, Asphaleia is graphically appealing: scanning one's fingerprint in order to unlock secured apps occurs at the app icon, providing users with a less intrusive means of launching locked applications. The overall effect is nice, with the app's name changing to “Scanning …” while the Touch ID scanning process is taking place.

Over in the package's preferences pane (which, as per, is added to the built-in Settings app), users are also granted access to a huge range of options and toggles. There's the option of enabling and disabling secured apps, and support for passcode input means Asphaleia is package that all users can enjoy, regardless of whether they own an iPhone 5s or not.

Advanced options include toggles for multitasking, Control Center, and Spotlight, and further down in this preferences pane users can also choose whether secured apps have their content blurred while multitasking, which is a nice addition.

Finally, you can link the jailbreak tweak with your preconfigured Touch ID fingerprints, and different levels of access can be assigned to individual prints. Plus, a pop-up “Control Panel” lets users adjust features on the fly following an activator gesture.

If you purchased an Asphaleia-competing package, like BioLockdown, publisher A3tweaks is offering the new jailbreak tweak for a discounted price of $0.99.

However, those of you who don't already own BioProtect, BioLockdown, or any similar packages will have to pay $1.99 for Asphaleia. It's available now on the Cydia Store.

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