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What Does The Inside Of Apple's North Carolina Data Center Look Like?

What Does The Inside Of Apple's North Carolina Data Center Look Like?

April 25, 2014

Apple has given NBC’s “Today” show a rare look inside its North Carolina data center, focusing particularly on the data center’s pioneering use of renewable energy. NBC chief environmental correspondent Anne Thompson took a brief tour of the data center, and the footage (embedded below) definitely makes for interesting viewing.

As a reminder, Apple’s “totally green” North Carolina data center is confirmed to be expanding its premises, and was also the subject of praise from Greenpeace earlier this year. In the news segment, Thompson met up with Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of Environmental Initiatives, and the pair discussed Cupertino’s use of renewable energy.

Jackson said:

We think this is an opportunity for us and for our sector to leave it better than we find it, to actually help people convert to cleaner energy without even knowing they’re doing it.

On location at Maiden, N.C., NBC also got to take a look inside Apple’s data center. As a reminder, the data center goes towards powering Apple’s online services, including the likes of iCloud and Siri. Here’s the video:

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Apple announced last year that its data centers are now runnning on 100 percent renewable energy, and the move came following heavy-handed criticism from Greenpeace the year before. Now, however, the environmental group is praising Apple, among others, for “building a greener Internet.”

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Via: AppleInsider

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