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Bentley's Latest Ad Was Shot On An iPhone 5s, Edited On Apple's iPad Air

Bentley's Latest Ad Was Shot On An iPhone 5s, Edited On Apple's iPad Air

May 16, 2014

Car maker Bentley’s latest advertisement, “Intelligent Details,” recently surfaced online. Unlike its usual ads, however, this new four-minute advertisement was shot and edited using only iOS devices.

First noticed by The Loop, the Bentley Mulsanne ad was reportedly shot in New York City using an iPhone 5s and subsequently edited on Apple’s iPad Air. It’s worth adding that a series of accessories – including iPhone lenses, mounts, and cases – were also used in order to create a more stylized effect.

In terms of editing, Apple’s iMovie iOS software was used alongside an external keyboard – the filmmakers were even able to complete most of the editing work from the back seat of a Bentley car.

Here’s the ad:

If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Apple’s iOS devices have been used as professional cameras: in September last year, we explained how fashion label Burberry shot an entire show using only Apple’s iPhone 5s.

In a press release for the London event, Apple explained at the time:

Using the all-new iSight camera on iPhone 5s, Burberry is shooting high quality photos and video for runway and beauty looks, product details, and backstage moments. The collaboration is reimagining how Burberry engages consumers, paving the way for significant changes in how they capture and share their content.

Then in February, we also heard that the Academy Award-winning documentary “Searching for Sugar Man” was partially shot using an iPhone 5s, too.

Apple’s current-generation iPhone has an impressive camera, for sure, but if recent reports are right Cupertino is looking to further improve this area of its smartphone through increasing its pixel size to 1.75 um (from 1.5 um).

Cupertino also hired Ari Partinen, a senior Lumia engineer and “expert” on Nokia’s PureView camera, to join its team earlier this month.

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