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Apple's iOS 8 Beta 3 Adds M7-Powered Pedometer, Caffeine Tracking To The Health App

Apple's iOS 8 Beta 3 Adds M7-Powered Pedometer, Caffeine Tracking To The Health App

July 8, 2014

Another change made in iOS 8 beta 3 concerns Apple’s Health app. Now, the built-in application utilizes the M7 coprocessor in order to monitor users’ daily steps, while a caffeine tracking feature has also been added to Cupertino’s health and fitness app.

Noting that the M7-powered step tracking “works well and accurately,” 9to5mac highlights the change, adding that iOS device owners can sort the information provided by “Day, Week, Month, and Year, and users are able to remove individual sets of Steps tracking from the app.”

Because the feature uses the M7 coprocessor, the iOS 8 beta 3 Health app should also include information from users’ last week of activity. Of course, this kind of functionality is replicated in several free and paid pedometer applications, like Pedometer++ (one of our favorites).

The publication adds that caffeine can now be tracked from inside the Health app, too. Several other nutritional categories can also be monitored using the application.

Once referred to as “Healthbook,” Apple’s Health app was announced during WWDC and can link up with third-party hardware using the HealthKit API. Though most of us, however, are hoping a dedicated “iWatch” product from Apple will feature activity-tracking functionality which can sync with the platform, too.

As we explained yesterday, further changes in iOS 8 beta 3 concern iCloud Drive, Photo Stream, Handoff, and the Weather app. You can check our article for more information on the software update.

Apple is expected to release iOS 8 to the general public in fall. We’ll keep you updated with further information as we receive it.

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