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Cydia tweak: TapToSnap is a smart package for active iPhoneographers

Cydia tweak: TapToSnap is a smart package for active iPhoneographers

July 12, 2014

Consider yourself a big-time iPhoneographer? Then check out TapToSnap, a brand new jailbreak tweak that makes it easier for iPhone owners to shoot images on their beloved smartphone.

The idea behind the package is to port the LG G3's “tap to shoot” camera feature over to Apple's iPhone. With LG's handset, users can capture an image simply by touching the camera app's viewfinder while focusing on an object or landscape. Now, iPhone owners can do the same using the useful TapToSnap package.

You can download the jailbreak tweak free of charge on the Cydia Store. Once installed, a new preferences pane is added to the built-in Settings app, and here uses can activate TapToSnap. The process is simple enough: upon enabling the jailbreak tweak, users will be able to “tap” on their iPhone's screen in order to shoot a picture.

The jailbreak tweak naturally interferes with the iPhone's “tap-to-focus” mechanism, but if you can get around this TapToSnap certainly looks like it's worth the download.

As mentioned, you can find TapToSnap on the Cydia Store, and it's available to download free of charge.

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