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SoundCloud app now lets you shuffle and play related tracks

SoundCloud app now lets you shuffle and play related tracks

July 3, 2015

Amid all the excitement (and commotion?) surrounding the launch of Apple Music, SoundCloud has released a major update to its official app on iOS. This update introduces new features that open up opportunities for discovering new tracks to enjoy on SoundCloud’s popular online audio streaming platform.

Give chance a chance

Perhaps the most noteworthy addition to the SoundCloud app is support for shuffling songs. That’s right: At long last, the app now lets you listen to tracks in your collection at random rather than the usual ways of listening to them in specific sequences.

The new shuffle feature is available for liked tracks and playlists. To shuffle your liked tracks, just tap the new Shuffle button at the top of the Likes screen. To shuffle the tracks in a playlist, tap the main ellipsis button in the playlist and tap the Shuffle Play option in the contextual menu.

Shuffle tracks on SoundCloud

Shuffle tracks on SoundCloud

Right on track

On any track in a list, you can tap the corresponding ellipsis button to access several new options.

Foremost among these is the new option to play tracks related to your selected track. Just tap “Play related tracks” and SoundCloud will tap into its algorithm to provide a stream of similar tracks from its catalog. This is useful if you wish to check out more songs and artists that sound and feel like the ones you already like.

You can now also customize your playlists by adding tracks to or removing tracks from them right within the iOS app, instead of having to do it on SoundCloud’s website.

Furthermore, you can now repost tracks on SoundCloud and share tracks on other social networks straight from the list of your liked tracks as well as from search results.

Do more on SoundCloud

Do more on SoundCloud

From the cloud to your device

SoundCloud is free to download from the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

SoundCloud is also available for Apple Watch with its official extension for the wearable device, which provides wrist-accessible options for discovering and playing audio on the popular platform.

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