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Tweetbot for iOS and Mac updated with Twitter's hearts and likes

In November, Twitter changed stars and favorites into hearts and likes on its popular social networking service. Until then, the star icon allowed users to select tweets as favorites. But the company deemed that to be confusing especially to new users. And so, the star was superseded by the heart icon and favorites were changed to likes.

The change took effect right away on Twitter’s official apps on its supported platforms, including iOS and Mac. But in line with it, third-party Twitter clients were required to reflect the move from stars and favorites to hearts and likes as well.

Goodbye, stars and favorites

Now, one of the most popular third-party Twitter clients, Tweetbot by Tapbots, has been updated with the expected icon and action modifications, along with a number of other changes.

Both Tweetbot for iOS and Tweetbot for Mac have been updated accordingly: the star icon has been replaced with a new heart icon and favorites has been renamed likes. “They still behave exactly like they always have,” Tapbots notes, “just think of it as a quick coat of paint to better match Twitter’s display guidelines.”

Tweetbot heart likes iPhone

In relation to this change, likes can now also be selected to be displayed in the side column on iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPad.

Hello, more improvements

Aside from changing stars and favorites to hearts and likes, the latest updates to Tweetbot for iOS and Tweetbot for Mac bring a number of other improvements.

On iOS, the lists of trends are now truncated to smaller sets, mute filters can now be shared again by long-pressing on the filters tab, and retweets from unfollowed accounts are no longer shown on the timeline.

Tweetbot for iOS has also been updated with Russian localization and various fixes, including ones for an issue that causes the app to slow down with a large number of direct messages and another that makes unblocking some users impossible.

Tweetbot for Mac

On Mac, the following tweaks have been applied:

  • Better handling of view sizes when using a single column in full screen
  • If iCloud Drive isn’t enabled, you’ll see a warning asking you to enable it.
  • If the window is fullscreen and the screen resolution changes, the window will now resize properly
  • Copying and pasting an image file from the Finder into a compose window now pastes the image properly
  • Better handling of window sizing when dragging multiple images into a new tweet window
  • Fixed the issue where using shift-space/page down could scroll past partially visible tweets
  • Fixed an issue where double-clicking on a quoted tweet would open the status detail for the quoted tweet and the original tweet
  • When posting tweets with large images, you should see less ‘Media parameter is invalid’ errors
  • Other minor stability improvements
  • Tweetbot for iOS and Tweetbot for Mac are available on the App Store and the Mac App Store, respectively, for $9.99 each.

    It’s worth noting that Tweetbot’s foremost competitor in the third-party Twitter client space, Twitterrific, is yet to be updated with hearts and likes.

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