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Jailbreak Only: TweakWeek - Week Two, Here's What's New

The second week of "TweakWeek" has now come to a close, with a total of seven jailbreak tweaks having been developed and released by Filippo Bigarella each and every day of the past week (June 8-14). In this article, we're giving a recap of everything Bigarella developed and released during week two of TweakWeek.

Joe White
Jailbreak Only: TweakWeek Recap - DietBar & PagePusher

Earlier today, we told you about SplitMail - a simple but effective jailbreak tweak, developed by Ryan Petrich as part of "TweakWeek." However, this free, open-source jailbreak tweak was tweak number three. Now, we're going to tell you about Petrich's first two TweakWeek tweaks: DietBar and PagePusher.

Joe White