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From the Diary of an App Developer: Your App Ideas

Now that you have the perfect partner for your journey through app development, it's time to get creative. This short guide will help your development team get focused on developing a workable idea for your very own application by focusing on your favorite categories and by studying existing apps in the App Store. Now let's get developing!

Adam Blair

Why Jailbreak: ProSwitcher

ProSwitcher is a Palm Pre-style application switcher, which has revolutionized the way I use my iPhone. Check out the post to see how you can do it too.

Adam Blair

Review: 1001 Ringtones

1001 Ringtones features all different varieties of songs, sounds and people. From the annoying to the soothing, from upbeat to country and Charlie bit me to the Adam's Family. 1001 Ringtones has all types, just find the one, or more, that you enjoy.

Simone Luker

Review: Clue

Solve mysterious murders in an exciting game that has redefined how we think of board games that are ported to the iPhone. With stylized graphics, endless replayability, and the feel of the classic game, Clue for the iPhone is a winner.

Adam Blair