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Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video App for Apple TV May Not Go Live for Next Month's Event

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August 29, 2017

While we have a good idea of what Apple will be unveiling at next month’s rumored media event, something that many not be ready is the Amazon Prime Video app. That’s according to new information from Recode.

Apple announced back at WWDC in June that Amazon’s video app would finally be making it to the Apple TV platform “later this year.” But it seems like we’ll have to continue to be patient.

The story didn’t mention why the app is still being held up.

While that anticipated app may not go live anytime soon, Apple is expected to unveil a big upgrade in September on the hardware front with a 4K and HDR-enabled Apple TV. We’re widely expected to see 4K media also made available through iTunes.

The Amazon Prime Video video app is already available on the iPhone and iPad.

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video