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Notes apps are everywhere and it seems like there are thousands of them cluttering up the App Store. This App Guide breaks through the clutter to highlight the best-in-class notes apps.

Essential Apps

Awesome Note (+To-do/Calendar)


If you're not using Awesome Note how do you get through the day? Awesome Note by BRID combines the best of breed note-taking functionality with to-do list functionality for the all-in-one app that everyone must have. Awesome Note sports beautiful themes, syncing with Google Docs, Quick Memo sticky notes, folders, icons, password protection, landscape viewing, and more views than you can shake a stick at. The developers of Awesome Note have been continually working behind the scenes to provide the most stellar updates. That is what makes Awesome Note so great. The developers keep it fresh and it makes me want to use Awesome Note more and more.

Notable Apps


by Evernote

It is good and it is free! I can see why Evernote uses an elephant as their icon logo because elephants never forget. Well if you use Evernote it will be hard for you to forget too. Evernote is one of the best free notes apps in the App Store. You can use Evernote to create notes and sync notes across your different computers with the notes on your iPhone. Evernote offers text, picture, and voice note functionality. You can sign up for a free account (ok for most users) or a premium account that you can use to upload a up to 500MB a month which is great for teams or project work. Evernote is pretty sweet and makes a great addition to tools you can use to organize your life.

Notespark - sync and share your notes

by Metaspark

Notespark - sync and share your notes is the best notes app you never knew existed. This little gem of a powerhouse delivers because of its no nonsense sync and share functionality. Notespark is perfect for users who need to create notes to share with others like, babysitters, petsitters, housekeepers, handymen, assistants, home organizers, etc. You create the note and in an instant you can sync and share that note with various people. If you have a busy lifestyle that requires many helpers Notespark - sync and share your notes is the app for you.

Take A Note

by Readdle

Take A Note is beautiful and robust. It allows you to type, talk, and draw just about any type of note you want. You can also create notes from your PC or Mac and use WiFi to move them over. Notes created using Take A Note can also be shared via Email.

Decent Apps


by NCsoft

Springnote is an alternative to Evernote. Both feature auto-syncing with your web account (available for free). Springnote provides edit of your notes offline.


by Catalystwo Limited

Fast Finga is a quick note taking app that uses the best, quickest for of input there is, your own handwriting. Well, not your entire hand, just one finger. Fast Finga's character recognition is pretty good, actually. Will this make the iPhone the new Newton?

Other Apps
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