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Calculators For The iPad

There are many iPad calculator apps available in the App Store. Some of these apps have very interesting features, while others are rather plain. In this AppGuide, we compare our favorite iPad calculator apps.

Essential Apps

Digits, the calculator for humans

by Shift

Digits, the calculator for humans is not only an App Store staff favorite, but an AppAdvice favorite as well. This universal app makes calculating fun and intuitive with its fantastic look. Digits keeps a digital tape (or printout) of everything you calculate. Switch between tapes and easily find others using the beautiful tape browser. AirPrint is included to make printing out your tapes easy. Bluetooth keyboard support is included, along with high resolution support for the iPhone 5. You can even change the colors of your keypad or buttons. Digits is a wonderful calculator app for your iPad, and is a definite essential.

MyScript Calculator

by Vision Objects

If you are looking for something special, look no further than MyScript Calculator. This amazing app for the iPad and iPhone allows you to write whatever math equations you need to on your iDevice's screen. After doing so, MyScript will digitally convert your numbers into text. The feel is completely natural, as if writing on paper, and answers are presented in real time. There is a redo/undo function, and the app itself works incredibly fast. Choose just about any type of variable to solve and MyScript will deliver. This app is essential to have on your iDevice.

Calculator for iPad Free

by International Travel Weather Calculator

Calculator for iPad Free is a very good example of what iPad calculator apps should be modeled after. The UI is just plain gorgeous, making it pleasant to use. This app can be used in portrait mode for your basic, run of the mill calculations. Should you need to calculate more complicated math or scientific figures, you can do so in portrait mode. One downside is that it is ad-supported, but I didn't find the ads to be bothersome. There are in-app purchases that will remove the ads if you prefer. If you do choose to pay, you are also provided with more options such as an even larger screen and up to seven different skins. Calculator for iPad Free is definitely worth a spot on your iPad, and an AppAdvice essential choice.

Notable Apps

Calculator Pro for iPad Free

by Apalon

Are you searching for a calculator for your iPad with bright and beautiful buttons, paired with great design? If so, look no further than Calculator Pro for iPad Free. This app is user-friendly, and was made to be simplistic. It has a scientific mode and a regular calculating mode, which is enough for most. It doesn't pack as many features as Digits or MyScript, but using it feels like second nature. There are buttons to assist you with more difficult calculations, along with support for multitasking. Just like Calculator for iPad Free, this app also has in-app purchases available should you want more skins. The no-frills approach makes this a notable calculator app for you to consider.

Calculator for iPad - Calc Pro HD Free

by Panoramic Software Inc.

Calculator for iPad - Cal Pro HD Free is pretty amazing. It allows you to build the type of calculator that best suits your needs. You are given the basic and scientific calculators that most calculator apps have, along with RPN mode. There are also 5 calculator modes and 5 different display options, retina support, and 11 supported languages. Since this app is free, there are in-app purchases. There are many options to buy, including a unit converter or loan calculator. If you would like to build the ultimate calculator with tons of options, we would recommend purchasing the additional functions that you need most. There are almost no limits to building your dream calculator, but it will take some money out of your pocket.

Calculator HD for iPad

by CrowdCafé

Calculator HD for iPad is another fantastic app for the iPad. The calculator app features basic, scientific, note, and tape calculators. We love the interface and design of the app. The note calculator comes in especially handy, as does the tape calculator. Although the tape calculator function has improved, we would recommend Digits if you are looking for a tape calculator. Those looking for a single app with four great calculators should grab this one.

Decent Apps

Calculator Hero

by weiwei zhang

Calculator Hero is a good-looking iPad calculator app. You can do many things with this app, including trigonometric calculations. It includes different skins, and has the basic calculation plus scientific mode. This is a nice option, but is not as good as the others mentioned here.

Calcbot — The Intelligent Calculator

by Tapbots

CalcBot is a polished, universal calculator app. The audio makes you feel as if you are operating an old school calculator, and the live history feature comes in handy. You can look up previous calculations with ease. The calculations also display what you just entered, so you do not risk entering the same number twice. However, it would be wonderful if Tapbots would update this app.

Other Apps
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