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Distance Mapping Apps

Have you ever wondered how far it is from point A to point B? Google maps may have even frustrated you because it doesn’t do this. This information can be helpful for hikers, runners, those needing to find a nearby bus, or even those driving a car that is running out of gas. We compare our favorites in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

Planimeter - Measure Distance and Land Area on a Map

by Core Signals

Planimeter - Measure Map Distance and Land Area is the essential app. The app is universal so it will run great on both iPhones and iPads. The only problem we found with the app is that it can take longer to load maps than the built-in maps app. We are not sure if this was simply because of our slow data connection or if there was a problem with the app. The app allows you to search by location and to add a pin, or add your current location. You can add tons of different pins to get multiple distances and it will automatically compute the area. You can even change the units of measurement and export your data. Planimeter is the essential distance mapping app.

Notable Apps


by John Sherman

DistanceMap or DistanceMap HD is the best alternative to Planimeter. Cost stops it from rivaling the essential app. To get the app on both your iPad and iPhone it will cost you $5.99. Planimeter is an essential app for half the cost of that combo. The app includes many of the same features as Planimeter. The big benefit of this app is for boaters. The app actually works with nautical miles, which is helpful for those on the water. DistanceMap is a nice alternative to the essential app.

Map Distance & Area

by Christian Dunn

Path on Map Distance is a nice companion to the essential app. This universal app lets you draw free form lines and plot the distance. This is incredibly useful if you do not travel in straight lines. Many roads curve as do many trails down a mountain. This app is well designed and only $0.99. The app is far from perfect, but a good app at that price point.

Map Distance

by Pau Corbella

Map Distance is an okay app for $0.99. It does offer something that the essential app does not. The ability to simply draw a line with turns and curves is what will sell this app. Many times you are unable to travel in straight lines. You can draw your exact route and have it calculate the distance for you. There are not many more features. This app is basically an alternative to Path on Map Distance. We hope to see the app improved over time. A nice start for those that need this functionality.

Decent Apps

Location Distance Finder

by DBSys

Location Distance Finder is an app to avoid for now. The app is simply hard to use. The app includes many of the same features as the other apps in this guide. The big problem is usability. It is encouraging that the developer continues to push out updates. This is an app to keep your eye on.


by Ractor

Distance is an app to really avoid. We found it even harder to use than Location Distance Finder. The biggest fault in this app is there are no maps included. You need to provide the coordinates yourself. We would recommend looking towards another app for this functionality.

Other Apps
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