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Flight Simulators For The iPad

Flight simulators and the iPad are a natural fit. The large screen and accelerometer in the iPad make a great combination for flight control. There are many options available and this AppGuide will help you find some of the best ones out there.

Essential Apps

X-Plane for iPad

by Laminar Research

X-Plane for iPad is hands down the best flight simulator for the iPad. The app includes gliders, X-15s, F22s, airliners, light planes, aircraft carriers, fighter jets, helicopters, Chinooks, C-130s and more every few months. The app includes terrain details that are four times more detailed than any other X-Plane mobile app. The app also includes 3D buildings for Seattle, San Francisco, Innsbruck, and Austria. The flying experience is very lifelike including very detailed instrument panels. Another great feature of the app is the traffic control chatter, which makes you feel like you are truly in the cockpit. The app takes advantage of the accelerometer for control and features realistic air turbulence noise. X-Plane is the essential app and continues to get better every month.

Notable Apps

F-Sim Space Shuttle

by Ledinsky Software GmbH

F-SIM Space Shuttle lets you control a different kind of aircraft … a space shuttle. The app takes you in on the final approach of a landing at JFK Space Center or Edwards Air Force Base. The app lets you factor in system failures and added turbulence. F-SIM features a full 3D cockpit and analyzes your landing. The app is very lifelike and a blast to use on the iPad. If you have ever dreamed of flying a space shuttle, you will want to grab this one.

Sky Racer 2

by Warelex

SkyRacer 2 was created by a stunt pilot/iPhone developer. The app allows you to fly multiple planes through hoops and perform other stunts. The app will also let you simply fly planes around mountains and other landscapes. SkyRacer 2 will factor into gameplay the weather conditions, engine characteristics, and aerodynamics. The thought that went into this app has created a truly realistic experience. The app is a beautiful one, but not perfect. The price of $1.99 is a great price for an app of this quality.

Decent Apps

Wings Earth for iPad: Flight Simulator

by Bottle Rocket

Wings Earth is a more casual flight simulator for the iPad. The app is half the cost of X-Plane and has much less functionality. The app lets you fly through four different virtual worlds. Wings Earth includes some great detail in the worlds, but is far behind X-Plane in every area. The app includes almost no controls, which detracts from the lifelike experience of flying. If price is your only reason to avoid X-Plane then this may be an option.

Air Master 3D

by Alex Nankervis

AirMaster 3D provides a more game like experience and is not a true flight simulator. The app centers around dog fights and asteroid destruction style gameplay. The gameplay is fun and engaging with very natural controls. The app will run on your iPhone as well. AirMaster 3D also lets you build in your own custom levels, which adds unlimited playback potential. The app is for those that want a mix of dog fighting and flight simulation.

BiiPlane - Flying Game

by Anton Butsev

BiiPlane is a flight simulator styled game for children. The app lets you control a plane that collects boxes. The gameplay is very simple as are the graphics. The graphics and look of the game closely resemble that of the Nintendo 64. The gameplay can get repetitive, which many kids do not mind. Adults should probably avoid this one.

Other Apps
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