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Offline Reader Apps

Lack of an internet connection is something we all have to deal with from time to time... whether we are on an airplane, on the subway, or have a weak signal. But fret not, there are many solutions, (i.e. apps), that can help you read articles even offline. Whether you’re looking for an app to simply read pages offline or you are looking for simply a more efficient way to read on your iDevice, these apps will help and have you reading more on your iDevice.

Essential Apps


by Alberto Garcia Hierro

Printful integrates many useful features into a swiss army knife of a reader. It is essentially an RSS reader, which makes articles easy to read with an option to save them later all in a simple, easy to use interface. By registering on Printful, you can add articles to your "Read Later" with a single click. You can even receive all of the links your friends share on Facebook and Twitter. Lists, RSS subscriptions, and reading positions are also synced between all of your online devices. Definitely worth checking out.

Pocket (Formerly Read It Later)

by Idea Shower

Read It Later Pro has a clean user interface with very clear installation instructions. This is a fantastic, straightforward tool for saving pages for offline viewing. All of your devices are tied into a single account which you can access from any of your devices. Read It Later Pro boasts a wide variety of sharing options, text sizes, and formatting options for page viewing and has support from many other apps as well. If you are looking for an app to save single pages for later, this is the answer.

Reader Mode

by Alberto Garcia Hierro

Reader Mode’s imbedded “reader” button in its browser interface makes switching from web pages to e-book readability a breeze. All you have to do simply visit a web page you would like to read within the Reader Mode browser, press the reader button and presto-- beautiful text with customizable colors and themes.

Notable Apps


by Instapaper, LLC

One of the original, most popular reading apps, Instapaper changed the way people browse on the iPhone. You can choose from a wide array of fonts, colors, and sizes to your liking. Many other apps have Instapaper support. Useful features such as the built in dictionary help separate it from other reader apps.

Offline Pages - offline web page reader

by Codium Labs LLC

Saving pages couldn’t be easier with Offline Pages. Just use the built in button within the app's browser to save pages for offline viewing. This app is great for saving articles, but for not for altering the appearance of pages to fit the screen. For those of us with smaller iDevice screens, it would be nice to have more options.

Decent Apps


by ViewTextmode

Text Mode offers a unique approach to browsing the web: you can either choose to view pages in text mode or image mode. This app makes text heavy pages readable on your idevice but is really oriented for just that. Pages with many links, pictures, and text can look messy at times. As for offline viewing features, there is still much to be desired.

Browse Later

by Andrew Gates

If you’ve ever wanted to scour an entire website while offline, then this is the tool for you. With Browse Later, you can save entire sites quickly for later viewing. More features, like the ability to view 3rd party sites from links within the text would be useful, but it still makes for a good functional app for those who are interested in this kind of capability.

Other Apps
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