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Andy Nicolaides

Latest from Andy

Find out what kind of zombie you are in Zombie Quiz

What kind of zombie are you? Zombie Quiz is coming to help you find out!

Doctor Spin is whirling its way to the App Store soon

Experience revolutionary spin controls and unique play mechanics in this hilariously horrifying hand drawn action-arcade game, hitting the App Store soon.

Overkill 3 will take the franchise into a new dimension on Oct. 20

The latest installment of the popular Overkill franchise will hit the App Store his fall, and we've got all the latest news.

Use physics to fight in Cloud Knights once it lands in late September

Cloud Knights features a unique and intuitive control method. Do you have what it takes to survive?

Will Archery Blitz hit the target? Find out on Aug. 28

Archery Blitz will be shooting its way onto the App Store soon. Find out all the details here.

Soccer Rally: Euro 2012 Power Slides Into The App Store

Developer Ice Flame introduces a twist on the standard soccer experience

Duel Of Fate: The Power Lies In Your Hands

Trading card games are nothing new on iOS, but Duel of Fate aims to bring something fresh to the genre.

Dead City Shuffles And Moans Its Way Onto The App Store

Com2Us jumps on the zombie bandwagon with Dead City.

Cyklus Will Be Spinning Into The App Store This Summer

Hong Kong based indie developer Eastasiasoft wants to break into the iOS market with their new game, Cyklus

TaskAgent Receives A Huge Update

Popular task management app TaskAgent receives yet another update, and this one's big!

Enjoy The Story Of Snow White Like Never Before

G4M3 Studios moves away from iOS gaming and into the interactive books market. Find out how their first release has turned out.

Expand Your Horizons With Expand It!

Popular Flash puzzle game Expand it! has made the move to iOS. Does the game translate well to a touch device?

TinyLegends - Crazy Knight Brings The Fight To Your iDevice

Triniti Interactive launches another dual stick title. Does TinyLegends have what it takes to stand out from the crowd?

Screenshot Journal Receives A Nice New Update

Screenshot Journal receives a useful update. Find out what's new right here.

Futulele Is Finally Available In The App Store

Have you ever wanted to learn to play the ukulele, but don't want the expense of buying one? Futulele is the app for you!

Speedway GP 2012 Races Onto The App Store

Vivid Games has released a new version of their mildly popular Speedway franchise.

Defender Chronicles II Sacks The App Store

The sequel to the popular tower defense RPG Defender Chronicles has now finally been released. Was it worth the wait?

Defend Your Castle From Rampaging Hordes In Besieged 2

Leviathan Games has released a new trailer for their latest castle defense game, and it's looking great.

Meet Monkey Ninja

Donut Games has released yet another addictive time waster.

Cookoo: The Watch For The Connected Generation

Move over Pebble, there is a new smart watch in town.

Zombie Farm 2 Shuffles Onto The App Store

Popular simulation game Zombie Farm finally gets a sequel. Was it worth the wait?

Super Flip Runner: How Far Can You Go?

Limpo Arts aims to keep things simple with their latest release.

Neuroshima Hex Update Provides Excellent Multiplayer Support

Popular board game Neuroshima Hex finally adds multiplayer options.

Quicklytics Gets A Huge Update

If you need to manage and monitor your website on the move, this might be the perfect app for you.