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The Tech Media Minute: Frank Ocean Might Have Killed Music Streaming Exclusives

The first "iOS 11" leak has likely arrived, even before Apple released iOS 10 to the public.

The Pryma 01: The Most Stylish Pair of Headphones You Might Want to Own

The Pryma 01 headphones are stylish and sound terrific. But are they too fashionable?

The Tech Media Minute: Is It Almost Time for the Apple 'iPhone 6 SE'?

Maybe we aren't getting an "iPhone 7" this year after all. Here's a look at what's making news in tech on this hump day.

The Tech Media Minute: The Dual Camera on the 'IPhone 7 Plus' Makes an Appearance as Amazon Preps New Music Service

We heard more about the dual-camera on the "iPhone 7 Plus" today. In addition, it looks like Amazon is about to take on Apple Music in a new way.

Apple Music Festival Returns to London in September

The Apple Music Festival is once again coming to London.

Picturelife, the Smart Home for Photos, Is No More

One of our favorite photo-editing and backup services has announced its end.

The Tech Media Minute: More Changes at Apple Retail, Worker Deaths at Foxconn

Will this be the week Apple announces its fall event? Will we see yet another iOS 10 beta before Friday?

The AppAdvice Tech Week in Review: New Carrier Plans Ahead of 'iPhone 7' Announcement

As the sun begins to set on summer, the tech world readies for the next iPhone release.

The Tech Media Minute: Ahead of September Announcement, the Many Faces of the 'iPhone 7'

Tired of hearing rumors about the "iPhone 7" ? It's almost over. Until then, it's time to take a trip down memory lane.

Families Will Enjoy The Unique Triby Smart Speaker With Amazon Alexa

Triby is the first third-party product to feature Amazon Alexa. Is it right for your household?

The Tech Media Minute: AT&T Says Goodbye to Data Overages, as Tekserve Goes on the Block

AT&T has announced new Mobile Share Advantage plans. Meanwhile, it's the end of an era in New York City. Here's a look at the world of technology.

The Tech Media Minute: More Predictions for Apple's 'iPhone 7' Event

We look at what else should be making an appearance at Apple's fall event, besides the next iPhone.

The Tech Media Minute: 'iPhone 7' Prediction Time and Whether You Should Buy

Everything we think we know about the "iPhone 7" and whether you should buy one.

Master & Dynamic Partners With Aston Martin, Chats With AppAdvice

One of AppAdvice’s favorite audio companies has made a big announcement.

The Tech Media Minute: Don't Tell Anyone, but the 'iPhone 7' Might Be Waterproof

Here's a look at the top technology stories on this third Monday in August.

The AppAdvice Tech Week in Review: Apple's September 2016 Plans Taking Shape

This week, we heard more details about the "iPhone 7" and "Apple Watch 2." Here's our look back at the week in tech.

The Tech Media Minute: The Projected 2016 iPhone and iPad Lineup

TGIF! Here's a look at what's making news on this Friday, Aug. 12.

The Tech Media Minute: 5 Million App Store Titles, Pre-Ordering the 'iPhone 7'

You can now pre-order the "iPhone 7" in China. Here's a look at that and other tech news for Thursday, Aug. 11.

The Tech Media Minute: New MacBook Pros, iPhone 6s Beats Samsung Galaxy S7

It's mostly quiet on the iOS device front. Nonetheless, there is some important news on the Mac front.

The Moment Lens: Making the iPhone Camera Even Better

Looking to take your iPhone photography to the next level? Take a look at our review of the Moment Lens.

The Tech Media Minute: The End of Jawbone, 'iPhone 7' Geekbench Tests

Jawbone might be looking for an exit. Meanwhile, we've seen our first benchmark tests for the next iPhone. Here's a look at today's technology news.

The Tech Media Minute: Walmart Buys to Take on Amazon

Walmart has announced a huge purchase it hopes will help it better compete with Amazon online. Here's a look that and other tech news.

The AppAdvice Tech Week in Review: 'iPhone 7' News, 2016 Rio Olympics and More

The dog days of August have ushered in more "iPhone 7" news plus new entries to AppAdvice's App Collection lists. Here's a look at what was making news during the week that was.

The Tech Media Minute: Apple's Big TV Plans Include New Guide, 2016 Rio Olympics Begin

On this Friday, it's time to celebrate the start of the 2016 Rio Olympics. Closer to home, Apple is pivoting once again on what it would like to do for television.