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choose your own adventure

Save your island from a wasting disease in Ambar's Fate

This game is like a Choose Your Own Adventure book on steroids.

Choose your favorite way to read Arcadia by Iaian Pears

You'll be able to read this book-in-an-app several times from different viewpoints.

Choose your own path and travel around the world in 80 Days, the iOS game

Can you travel the entire world in 80 Days? Find out in this brand new "choose your own adventure" game from inkle.

Out There, A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Sci-Fi Game, Has Reached The App Store

Choose your own outer-space adventure in Out There for iOS.

Tin Man Games' New Zombocalypse Now Game-Book Is Out Now On iOS

Tin Man Games is out with a new game-book in the App Store: Zombocalypse Now.

Mi Clos Studio Submits Out There To The App Store, Confirms It's A Universal App

Out There from Mi Clos Studio is set to reach the App Store in the coming weeks.

Road Of Kings Offers A Huge, Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Game For iOS

Road of Kings is available to download now in the App Store and is optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Death Road To Canada: An Upcoming Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Game For iOS

Death Road to Canada is an upcoming iOS game that we're excited about.

Shelf Control: Will You Live Happily Ever After In The Story Of Choices?

If you loved gamebooks as a kid or still love them even now, then you'll probably enjoy The Story of Choices.

Rewrite Historical Literature With Versu

Immerse yourself in these short stories by becoming the characters and altering the outcome.

Visual Baker Brings Edward Packard And Underground Kingdom To The iPad

Free yourself from following someone else’s story in this Choose Your Own Adventure gamebook.

Choose Your Own Adventure In Upcoming iOS Gamebook Underground Kingdom

If there’s one Kickstarter project whose fulfillment I’m really looking forward to, it’s Underground Kingdom.