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iOS 6 Maps

Apple's 3-D Flyover Maps Feature Says Bonjour To Paris, France

Paris is the latest world city to receive 3-D flyover map support in iOS 6.

In Road Race Around Cupertino, Apple Maps Beats Google And Waze

In a unique test, Apple Maps beat products from Google and Waze.

A Google Executive Trusts Apple With Our Data, Just Not With Our Lives

A Google executive had some kind, and not so kind, words for Apple recently.

Apple Looking To Hire More Engineers To Bring iOS Maps On The Right Track

Apple is intent on significantly upgrading the much criticized iOS Maps, and it's looking to recruit more manpower to this end.

Well That Was Fun: Apple Not Buying Waze After All

The Apple-Waze deal is off. Actually, it never got started.

Waze Wants To Marry Apple, But At A High Price

Apple will likely have to pony up a lot of money to purchase Waze to improve the company's Map app.

Forget Foursquare, Apple Could Actually Be Pursuing Waze To Improve Maps

Apple might be getting ready to buy Waze to improve iOS Maps.

The Top 10 Apple Stories Of 2012 Include Some Highs And Many Lows

During 2012, Tim Cook took control at Apple, the iPad mini debuted, and Google emerged victorious by bringing back popular apps on iDevices. Here are 10 stories that made news this year.

What Are The Top Technology Stories Of 2012?

There were many technology stories during the last year. However, only a few will make our list of the top stories of 2012.

Is An Apple-Foursquare 'Check-In' Just Around The Corner?

Apple is looking to integrate with Foursquare for the improvement of its proprietary Maps app.

Siri Loves Google Maps Too Even Without A Jailbreak

Siri has a new dance partner by the name of Google Maps.

The AppAdvice Week In Review: Apple Rights A Wrong With Google Maps Edition

The week belonged to Apple customers worldwide as iOS 6 saw the return of Google Maps.

Apple Execs ‘Seething’ Over iOS 6 Maps Debacle, Google Maps Approval

Apple executives aren't happy about the iOS 6 Maps fiasco, nor having to approve Google Maps.

Make Way For Google's Official Maps App, Out Now On iOS

At long last, the long wait for the return of Google Maps on iOS is over.

Google Maps Set To Return To iOS As Early As Tonight

Google Maps could be returning to iOS devices -- very soon, in fact.

Samsung Highlighting Apple's Latest Maps Fiasco In New Off-Road Ad

Samsung's latest ad knocking Apple includes an off-road vehicle and a nasty sign.

Opinion: Apple’s Maps Program Is One Accident Away From Being A Total Wreck

Apple should do the right thing and pull iOS 6 Maps.

Australian Police Issue Warning Against Using Apple Maps

The much-criticized Apple Maps has now encountered another bump in the road, so to speak, in the form of a public warning from police in Victoria, Australia.

Apple And Mac Are Sitting In A Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

People love their Apple products. So much so, that they are naming their children after them.

What Apple’s Approval Of Nokia’s HERE Maps App Could Mean For Google Maps

Apple's approval of Nokia's HERE Maps app is likely good news for Google.

Nokia’s Free Maps App For iOS Is HERE

Nokia has announced the immediate release of their new HERE Maps app for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. The free app is significant in that it includes turn by turn technology.

WSJ: Google Will Soon Submit Own Maps App To Apple For Approval

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is putting the finishing touches on their native Maps app for iOS. Were Apple to accept the app, it would compete directly with the company’s own mapping software that comes preinstalled with iOS 6.

The Maps App: Can You Find Scam On The Map?

The Maps asks you to pay $2 for something you already have on your iOS device.