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Bean Dreams jumps to version 2.0 with support for Apple’s Metal API and more

The fun and entertaining game now features 78 beautiful levels.

Vainglory, showcased at the iPhone 6 event in September, finally lands on the App Store

The classic multiplayer online battle arena game fully supports iOS 8’s Metal graphics technology.

Frostbite demos Battlefield 4 running on an iPad, thanks to Apple's Metal API

Popular console games like Battlefield 4 could eventually show up on iOS devices.

Metal-powered MOBA game Vainglory confirmed for release on iPhone as well as iPad

Vainglory has been confirmed for official release on iPhone as well as iPad.

Gameloft updates Modern Combat 5: Blackout with Metal-enabled enhancements

Gameloft has just updated Modern Combat 5: Blackout with enhancements made possible by Metal.

Unveiled at WWDC 2014 for demo of Apple's Metal, Epic Zen Garden out now on iOS 8

Epic Design Garden is designed by Epic Games to showcase its Unreal Engine 4 technology using Metal.

Here’s the trailer for Vainglory, which was showcased at Apple’s media event

The game, which is fully optimized for iOS 8 and Metal, will arrive in October.

It looks like BioShock for iOS could be in development

It's been rumored for a long, long time, but it looks like a BioShock port could finally be iOS-bound.

Apple Unveils Metal, Brings True Console-Quality Graphics To iOS 8

Apple has introduced Metal, a new graphics technology for its iOS mobile operating system.

Steve Jobs Is In A (Liquid) Metal Mood

Few materials are more testosterone-inducing than metal. Pair Apple with a revolutionary form of metal, and awesomeness must follow.