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Guess Something In The New Challenge Mode Of OMGPOP's Draw Something

Draw Something, the (still) popular drawing and guessing game created by OMGPOP, has just been updated with a new challenge mode.

Draw Something Creator OMGPOP To Shut Down Following Zynga Layoffs

In line with its layoffs, Zynga is closing its New York office aka the studio of Draw Something creator OMGPOP.

Zynga's Draw Something 2 Now Available In Canada

Draw Something 2 is now available in another country's App Store: the Canadian App Store.

OMGPOP’s Founder Dan Porter Leaves Zynga

Porter sold the developer of Draw Something to Zynga for $200 million more than a year ago.

OMG! Zynga-Owned OMGPOP Releases Follow-Up To Draw Something

OMGPOP's highly anticipated follow-up to Draw Something is none other than a Pro version of Draw Something, which is out now in the App Store.

November Software: Zynga Takes Control Of Yet Another Game Developer

Zynga has announced yet another acquisition. The game developer has purchased November Software to help them expand into the “mid-core” game market.

Come On Down! Draw Something Game Show Coming Soon To Primetime TV

Having occupied millions of iPhone and iPad screens, Draw Something is coming soon to millions of much bigger screens. Television screens, that is.

Draw Something Redraws Its Gameplay And Shop Design

The latest version of Draw Something introduces a major redesign to both its gameplay and its shop structure.

Retina iPad Support Finally Draws Its Way To Draw Something

Along with the Retina iPad graphics boost, a more convenient password recovery method is also included in the update.

Zynga’s Draw Something Game Now Includes Unique Advertising

Just weeks after Zynga purchased OMGPOP for $180 million, we’re beginning to see how that acquisition is changing the popular game, Draw Something. Instead of running spammy ads, the freebie version of the game now includes terms for players to draw paid for by advertisers.

Draw Something Losing A Precarious Number Of Users

It looks like Zynga’s recent $200 million dollar acquisition of Draw Something maker OMGPOP might be running into some trouble.

Draw Something Updates With Set Of Five New Features

OMGPOP's massive hit Draw Something received a major update today with five new features.

Zynga Planning On More Acquisitions With Huge Cash Hoard

It looks like Zynga isn’t done acquiring mobile game makers.

AppAdvice’s Week In Review

Afraid you might have missed some important news this week in the world of iOS? No problem. Here are some of the more popular stories we covered during the past week. Enjoy!

Fortune And Fame Bring Out Worst In Draw Something Creator

Fame makes monsters of us all, but Dan Porter is no Lady Gaga.

The Only OMGPOP Employee To Turn Down Zynga, Bravo!

Zynga buys OMGPOP and the employees ... but not this guy!

OMGPOP Paints A Drawsome Picture Of Upcoming Draw Something Update

OMGPOP is letting people know that it's going nowhere but forward with Draw Something.

As The Hunger Games Film Draws Moviegoers, Draw Something Draws The Hunger Games

Draw Something has added new words related to The Hunger Games for players to draw.

Draw Something Like $200 Million? You Got It!

It’s official! Zynga has purchased developer OMGPOP. Zynga made the announcement today during a news conference. The deal is said to be worth $200 million.

Report: Zynga In Talks To Buy Draw Something's Maker OMGPOP

It appears that if social game developer Zynga can’t beat the Draw Something phenomenon, they will attempt to do the next best thing – buy it.

Draw Something Hits 30 Million Downloads In Just Five Weeks

This addictive game has a little more to it than it seems.