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Bluk is a Beautiful Physics-Based Platformer Where Skill Matters

Discover your potential and restore harmony to the realm in this gorgeous platformer game.

Super Stickman Golf 3 is the Latest Ace from Noodlecake Studios

The third Super Stickman Golf game is here, and it's a definite hole-in-one.

Perchang is a Challenging Puzzler with Gizmos and Charm

Perchang is a new contraption-based physics puzzle game that should be in your iOS game collection.

Plunge and spin to the goal in Drop Flip, a physics puzzler

Drop Flip is a new physics-based puzzler from BorderLeap and it's a gem for everyone.

Rainmaker - The Beautiful Flood is a puzzle game about rainfall

Unravel the secrets behind a mysterious rainfall in this gorgeous and charming puzzle game.

Help Greg the Chameleon reach the popcorn in Pull My Tongue

Get ready for crazy tongue-physics in this cute and charming new puzzle game.

Guide water with wind to restore nature in Baum

Baum is a gorgeous physics-based puzzle game with a few flaws.

Om Nom learns some new tricks in Cut the Rope: Magic

Om Nom is back and will overwhelm you with cuteness in the latest Cut the Rope: Magic.

Volt is a charming and challenging physics-based puzzle game that will electrify your iPhone

Give your brain a jolt with the challenging gameplay of Volt.

Sunburn! is a gorgeous physics-based puzzle game where death is imminent, so make the best of it

Sunburn! is a puzzle game that is unlike anything you've seen before.

Reunite Roy with his love on the other side of the world in Rocket Roy

Rocket Roy is a test of love and your rocket navigating skills.

Swing and slash through your foes in Cloud Knights

Cloud Knights is a fun and challenging physics-based action game that's about balancing offense and defense.

Become a Leaf on the Wind in this beautiful physics-based puzzle game

Take a break after this hectic week with this relaxing yet stimulating puzzle game.

Manipulate light and save the baby totems in Light in the Dark, a charming puzzle game

If you love adorable characters and challenging physics-based puzzle gameplay, then Light in the Dark is right up your alley.

Now you can feel like Evel Knievel with Badass Trial Race on iOS

Feeling like a speedy daredevil? Put your skills to the test in this fun trial racing game.

Jump and swing to rescue the princess in Epic Eric, a charming puzzle platformer

It's all about your timing and precision in this addictive puzzle platformer.

You'll fall in love with Fallin Love, a challenging gravity-defying puzzle game

It's love at first sight with Fallin Love - The Game of Love from Bulkypix and Chestnut Games.

Cat Gym Black is a physics-based platformer where cats fly

Check out our new Feature-Play videos of this cat-slinging game in action.

Crazy physics are what make iOS platformer Jump interesting

Tilting and jumping are easy until they become unfamiliar in this twisted platformer.

Save the world by rolling and jumping in Red Ball 4, a new physics-based platformer

Master physics to save the world in this challenging game.

Flicklash is an endless physics-based arcade game with 2 simple rules

You can easily pickup and play this arcade game for as long as you'd like, but does that mean you'll get addicted?

Protect The Kingdom In The Challenging Tower Defense Brawler Mashup, CastleStorm - Free To Siege

CastleStorm - Free to Siege has arrived on iOS, and it's a fun, entertaining mashup that should appeal to everyone.

Bounsy Is A Fresh New Take On Traditional Physics-Based Puzzle Games

Bounsy is not your typical physics-based puzzle. The gameplay in this one depends solely on your fingers, offering a fresh new twist.

Face Off Against Evil Physics Beasts In David, A Platformer Inspired By Shadow Of The Colossus

David is a challenging platformer game that is also a beautiful work of abstract art.