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Privacy Issues

US Supreme Court Won't Hear A Case Challenging NSA's Authority

The Supreme Court of the United States won't hear an NSA-challenging case.

Apple Points The Finger At The FBI Over Security Requests

Apple has joined the fight against the U.S. government over how it can report security requests.

Tech Companies Want Greater Transparency After NSA Fiasco

Companies are pushing for more openness in the wake of the NSA domestic surveillance system.

US Senators Think There's Nothing Wrong With Secretly Monitoring Your Phone Records

Apparently, Verizon has been furnishing private phone information to the U.S. government for years without us knowing.

Hammer Falls In German Court Against Apple's Data Sharing Practices

A German court has struck down on Apple's privacy policies, which have been shown to violate German law.

Google Play Users Are Giving Out Personal Information One App At A Time

No one should accuse Apple of misusing user data when compared to what Google is doing with personal information via Google Play.

If The Cops Get Your Smartphone, They're Free To Impersonate You

If your smartphone is seized, the police can make you into someone you're not.

Artist Uses Apple Store To Secretly Snap Blank-Faced Computer Users

Kyle McDonald walks the fine line between high art and high crime.

Google Fined Record Amount For 'Spying' On Mobile Safari Users

The Federal Trade Commission is about to levy its biggest monetary penalty ever.

Facebook Requiring Developers To Include Privacy Policies In Apps

Facebook is taking steps to improve the privacy of its users. But coming from Facebook, what does that mean?

Facebook's Acquisition Of Instagram Just Another Question Mark For Internet Privacy

Private Instagram users are facing the mother of all reality checks.

Another iOS Privacy Issue Unfolding, This Time Concerning Your Photos

Another privacy issue is looming that calls into question Apple’s commitment to protecting the company's iDevice users’ personal data. Today comes word app developers can copy and upload a users’ photo library automatically and without their consent, according to The New York Times.

California Attorney General Strikes Privacy Deal With Apple, Others

California's Kamala D. Harris works with tech companies to lay out a plan for privacy reform.

Google's Safari Exploit Draws Privacy-Based Class Action Lawsuit

As expected, Google's been hit with a class action lawsuit in response to last week's Safari snafu.

Google Exploits Safari Bug, Tracks Browsing Without Your Consent

Another week, another privacy scandal. Google's just maintaining the status quo.

Surprising Research Looks At Privacy Protection Of Jailbroken Apps

Today, Apple apparently ended a brewing controversy on how a user's contact list data is accessed. Surprisingly, recent research indicates that unauthorized, jailbroken apps are better at respecting private information than Apple-approved apps.

Apple Will Issue Software Update To Quell Address Book Controversy

Just like that, with one statement and an upcoming software update, Apple has apparently ended the controversy of apps accessing and capturing users' address books without permission.

Path App Uploads User Address Books Without Permission

Is anyone still surprised when a social service uses personal information in an "unexpected" manner? Apparently so.

Embedded Analytics Company Under Fire Amid Privacy Concerns

Read on to learn everything we know about the new Carrier IQ controversy.

Your TomTom App Might Lead To A Speeding Ticket

TomTom NV has apologized for selling traffic information about its customers to law enforcements officials. The company behind the line of navigation apps for motorists sold traffic data to local and regional governments as a way to make more money, in news reported by The Register.