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Apple says different A9 chips vary in battery life only 2 to 3 percent

The A9 chipset powering the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is made by two different companies - TSMC and Samsung.

Update: You'll get more battery life with some iPhone 6s devices

If you're a heavy iPhone user, you might be better off with some iPhone 6s models than others.

Samsung's profits are on the rise again, thanks to Apple

Samsung's profits are rising; believe it or not, we think that's a good thing.

The Weekly Echo: we don't want an Internet of Useless Things

In this edition of the Weekly Echo, we talk about Alexa's new skills and an Internet of Useless Things.

Samsung has a $200 bounty for your iPhone

Samsung is holding true with its promise of there being "more love in store for you" with its Ultimate Test Drive.

Samsung's 'Ultimate Test Drive' is the ultimate gimmick

Samsung is trying once again to lure away loyal iPhone customers, but will their plan work?

Samsung teases us some more with a Gear S2 video

Now that the teaser video for the Samsung Gear S2 has been released, we can surmise more details about the smartwatch.

Supply chains support 'iPad Pro' September production start

More sources are emerging in support of a fourth quarter production start for the 12.9-inch iPad.

Samsung announces new phones and its own mobile pay service

The Korean company is beating Apple to debuting new phones, as expected.

Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6: a side-by-side comparison

Is the Galaxy S6 a copy of the iPhone 6? We compare the two phones side by side to find out.

Samsung to supply DRAM for next generation iPhone

The next generation iPhone will feature latest LPDDR4 memory chips from Samsung.

Samsung finally gets serious about mobile payments and purchases Apple Pay competitor LoopPay

LoopPay's secure payment technology can be used at any existing magnetic card stripe reader, a big advantage compared to Apple's system.

Bad time for Samsung Mobile and Android-based devices

Apple and Samsung sold about the same number of smartphones during the last quarter. Why is only Apple smiling?

Apple's smartphone market share in Asia boosted by iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

The handsets have contributed greatly to increasing Apple’s smartphone market share in China, Japan, and, most notably, South Korea.

Apple competitor Samsung is reportedly in talks to buy BlackBerry for $7.5 billion

The driving force behind the takeover seems to be the suffering smartphone maker’s patent portfolio.

Samsung's SmartThings announces new Hub, sensors, integrations and more

SmartThings has just unveiled its latest offerings at CES 2015.

Samsung to shut down cross-platform messaging app ChatOn early next year

Amid the growing popularity of its rival services, Samsung’s messaging app has been set to be discontinued in early 2015.

Samsung reportedly partnering with mobile payment startup LoopPay to take on Apple Pay

Samsung is reportedly teaming up with the mobile payment startup LoopPay to launch a new service that will compete with Apple Pay.