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The AppAdvice Week In Review: Apple's New iPads Lead To Buyer's Remorse

The AppAdvice Week In Review: Apple's New iPads Lead To Buyer's Remorse

October 28, 2012
Cupertino's October event is history and what many are left with is a lot of frustration. But is all of the complaining worth it? We take a look as we review the week that was.

Apple releases new products and no one seems happy

When the iPhone 4S arrived, Apple was accused by many of being too slow to develop new products. After all, the 4S looked exactly the same as the iPhone 4 except with different components on the inside. So what happens when Cupertino releases a new iPad just seven months after the previous model? Many of those same people criticize Apple for making their “new” iPad obsolete. The iPad mini

In the iPad mini, many saw an overpriced tablet with a substandard display. Less than 24 hours after the mini’s unveiling, in fact, Apple's Phil Schiller was playing defense, as was Tim Cook soon after. Here is what many are missing, however. Much of the criticism is focused on what the iPad mini is lacking compared to the full size iPad. This assumes that Apple is targeting the compact tablet to existing iPad owners, which they are not. Instead, the iPad mini is for those that have yet to join the tablet revolution and/or currently use another iOS device, such as the iPhone or iPod touch. In other words, try using your iOS apps on the Kindle Fire or Nexus 7. You can’t. And the lack of a Retina display? Believe it or not, but most consumers have absolutely no idea what Retina means except that a retina is part of an eye. Regardless, by the end of the week the white iPad mini was sold out. And most likely it will be the most popular technology product of the holiday season. The iPad with Retina display

Meanwhile the launch of the iPad with Retina display is causing many customers to cry foul. Since April 2010 when the first iPad went on sale, customers assumed that they had a deal with Apple. A new iPhone would launch after June, the understanding went, while a new iPad would bloom each spring. As my ex-wife used to say, never assume anything. Apple, in my opinion anyway, didn’t intend to stick it to customers when they announced the fourth-generation iPad. Rather, the company decided to take advantage of new technology now and not wait until 2013 to unleash it. And, as I mentioned earlier, Apple probably didn’t want to be accused (again) of not keeping up with technology. The newest iPad is little more than an incremental update from the iPad 3. Sure, it contains a faster chipset, the A6X, and slightly better FaceTime camera. Overall, however, the newer iPad is almost the same as Apple’s previous model. In fact, the generations are identical in terms the display and form factor. I’m convinced that the real reason iPad 3 owners are annoyed has little to do with a chip or camera upgrade. Rather, the buyer’s remorse is all about the Lightning connector. Many simply don’t want their friends to see them using a tablet with the “outdated” 30-pin connector! Sound about right? My advice for iPad 3 owners is simple -- keep your tablet and wait until the iPad 5 is released next fall. For those iPad 3 owners that really want a new one, know that trade-in prices are actually pretty good. Plus, if you only recently purchased an iPad 3 consider this. Also see, Which iPad Is Right For You?Apple’s New iPad Lineup: Prices, Specs And More, and This Week In Accessories: It’s iPad mini Time.

Investors not happy with Apple either

Despite bringing in $36 billion in revenues and a $8.2 billion profit during the last quarter, Apple can’t seem to catch a break from investors. The company’s stock has dropped significantly since they announced fourth quarter earnings on Thursday. Shares are now trading below $600 for the first time since July after hitting a record $705.07 in mid-September. The reason largely has to do with weaker-than-expected iPad sales of 14 million units. For more information on quarterly reports, see Led By Strong iPhone Sales, Apple Nets $36 Billion Revenue In Most Recent QuarterSprint Sold 1.5 Million iPhone Units In Third QuarterAT&T Announces iPhone Activations Of 4.7 Million, 77 Percent Of Total, and Verizon Sold 650,000 iPhone 5 Units To End Quarter, 3.1 Million iPhones In Total.

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