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The AppAdvice Week In Review: The iPhone 5S And A Forgotten iPad Birthday

The AppAdvice Week In Review: The iPhone 5S And A Forgotten iPad Birthday

March 10, 2013
One year ago, Apple unveiled the third-generation iPad. Dubbed the “new” iPad, the tablet was the first to include a Retina display. Cupertino loved the model so much that they retired it just seven months later with the curiously named iPad with Retina display. Apple has yet to hold a “special” event in 2013. Still, the rumors keep coming. Specifically, much has been written during the past seven days about Cupertino's next handset.

The iPhone 5S In Production

The latest buzz suggests that Apple's so-called iPhone 5S is already in production, and will arrive on store shelves in August. One new feature on the seventh generation handset could be wireless charging technology. Apple is rumored to be testing this functionality internally. If not on the iPhone 5S, this feature could arrive with the iPhone 6 in 2014.

That Budget iPhone

Meanwhile, we've heard a few new things about the "iPhone mini," the budget phone that could arrive as early as June. One report suggests that Qualcomm will supply the chips for this handset, which may launch for as little as $199 without a contract. Another report said that Apple is courting Intel to design chips for future iOS devices.

What our readers want

We recently asked readers to design what they consider to be the perfect iPhone 5S. Martin said:
How about video going to photo stream? How bout just shaking or tapping phone to stop a ring?
Power reader Mr. Luigi didn't offer specifics, but his words still made a lot of sense:
I couldn't help but think as I was watching the video of Steve Jobs demonstrating the original iPhone for the first time yesterday...Damn! That was Innovation at its peak! We have not seen anything from Apple like that since then. Now, I'm not saying that Apple needs to unveil something as incredible as a "New" phone, but this incremental [email protected]^t has got to stop. Especially, when the incremental [email protected]^t doesn't always work well (i.e. Apple Maps, Passport). Apple needs to start using their billions for non-incremental, "wow-that's terrific," upgrades to the iPhone.
Jason wants something that many of us have been asking for:
The apple logo on the back, to glow and/or be the flash.
Fallen Apple, however, doesn't much care about what the next iPhone will look like. Instead, the reader wants a radically redesigned iOS:
All apple needs to do is refresh ios. Seriously, the GUI has been the same since day 1.
For more user comments, see Time To Design The Perfect iPhone 5S.

What's up with iRadio?

Last week's "WIR" featured music as it relates to iOS. Two rather interesting stories then arrived that related to Apple's long-rumored iRadio service. Apple's entry into the streaming music business is apparently delayed "by licensing negotiations with music companies." We're wondering if this news has anything to do with the recent meeting between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Beats CEO Jimmy Iovine. If it does, it could be music to our ears.

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