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Looking For A Reason To Jailbreak iOS 7? Check Out FlipControlCenter

Looking For A Reason To Jailbreak iOS 7? Check Out FlipControlCenter

December 28, 2013

FlipControlCenter is a brand new jailbreak tweak for jailbroken iOS 7-powered iDevices, developed by the famous Ryan Petrich (@rpetrich). It’s an impressive tweak that promises users the power to customize the layout of the iOS 7 Control Center - something Apple will most likely never grant. In this respect, FlipControlCenter could really encourage users to take the plunge and jailbreak their iDevice using the evad3rs’ recently released evasi0n7.

Once downloaded and installed, the free jailbreak tweak adds a new pane to the Settings app (“FlipControlCenter”), and here users can alter exactly what appears in their iDevice’s Control Center.

You can replace the Airplane button with a Respring toggle, for example, or one that enables or disables VPN, Do Not Disturb mode, or Location Services. The tweak essentially adds an SBSettings-style level of customization to one’s Control Center - a section of Apple’s iOS 7 that indeed appears to take a dose of inspiration from the popular SBSettings itself.

There are already a selection of jailbreak tweaks available for iOS 7, and more are being added each and every day. The downside, however, is that support for 64-bit iDevices hasn’t been added to Cydia’s MobileSubstrate yet. It’s coming soon, according to Jay Freeman (@saurik), but until then iDevices featuring Apple’s 64-bit A7 processor are going to be locked out of new and updated jailbreak tweaks.

If you’re rocking an older iDevice under iOS 7, however, FlipControlCenter can be downloaded in the Cydia Store free of charge. Just be sure to add Ryan Petrich’s own repository (“”) to your Cydia app first.

For an iOS 7 jailbreak walkthrough, check out our dedicated article.

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