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Junk Jack X Gets Its Anticipated Feature-Packed Easter Update

Junk Jack X Gets Its Anticipated Feature-Packed Easter Update

April 18, 2014

Junk Jack X, the popular sandbox game for iOS that we’ve discussed (and praised) before, has received its anticipated Easter update adding a slew of new content to the $4.99 universal application. Changes include a new craftable Chemistry Lab block, potions, Cottage Bricks, and pets.

We first told you about Junk Jack X’s pet update towards the beginning of the month, noting at the time that developer Pixbits promised users faithful companions, different breeds, and the chance of storing pets inside kennels or cat houses. Well, that update is now here, meaning iOS device owners can enjoy caring for a selection of furry friends inside the popular game.

Easter-related content has been added to the app, too, and this brings new ribbons, trees, and plants. The aforementioned Chemistry Block indeed means users can craft potions, and 100 different potion effects are now available for gamers to experiment with. Of course, being “the sandbox game that keeps on giving,” Junk Jack X’s recent update also comes with a huge number of further changes and additions.

Here’s a complete list, as outlined in the app’s release notes:

  • New craftable Chemistry Lab block
  • You can now create potions by mixing reagents with the Chemistry Lab
  • Roughly 100 different potion effects (with a supported maximum of 1024 effect for the future)
  • Almost all potion effects can have different duration and effect strength for a total amount of ~6000 potions
  • Potions combinations will be discovered and saved in your craftbook
  • New craftable Cottage Bricks and the relative half block and sloped blocks
  • Added a life leech effect (base 0.0) which heals the player when delivering damage to a mob
  • Added both melee and ranged critical chance to player attacks (with a base of 5% chance)
  • Added an option (enabled by default) which skips saving world when battery is <= 1% to avoid potential data corruption
  • Added an option which enables an extended player stats panel that shows more information
  • 4 new iaps
  • 5 new tamable dog breeds
  • 5 new tamable cat breeds
  • 5 new tamable bird breeds
  • 3 new tamable rabbit breeds
  • All new pet breeds are spreaded around the planets, collect and breed them
  • You can now summon a pocket animal by placing its item in the trinket slot: it will follow you around!
  • 16 new rare pocket companions that will follow you in your adventure if put in the trinket slot
  • New cat house block
  • New kennel block
  • New bird perch block
  • New rabbit hutch block
  • New terra mobs including: deer, ground hog, duck.
  • New cork oak tree which grows acorns
  • New white wood type and crafts, make new cool creations with it!
  • Cork oak drops bark material
  • New craftable cork chunk block
  • Terra is now spring and Easter themed
  • New apricot spring tree with its relative fruit
  • New plum tree with its relative fruit
  • New vimini basket that drops Easter goodies
  • Easter block ribbons, place it on blocks
  • New recraftable beehives can now be found in spring biomes, craft honey recipes with them
  • New replantable tulip and daisy flower
  • New craftable beer mug
  • 20 new fresh cooking crafts
  • 12 new rare paintings have been added
  • Added a rare toy as a tribute to Flappy Bird

Plus, a large number of bug fixes have also been made in the updated application.

As a reminder, Junk Jack X got a big update for Christmas back in December, and before this we called its huge Thanksgiving update “something to be thankful for.” We’re big fans of Pixbits’ app, and even awarded it our AppAdvice Game Of The Week accolade back when it first launched on the App Store.

The recently updated Junk Jack X is available to download now for $4.99, and as mentioned it’s optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Check out the updated game, or for more of our recent news, see: RadioShack Is Now Offering The iPhone 5s From $99, FaceTime Suffers Outage For Countless iOS 6 Users, Apple Recommends Updating, and Facebook Update Brings Three New Features.


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