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iPhone 4S jailbreak

Jailbreak Only: AssistantExtensions - The Ultimate Jailbreak Tweak For Siri

If you've been looking for an ultimate, all-in-one Siri-enhancing jailbreak tweak for your iPhone 4S handset, look no further. A new package to recently appear in the Cydia Store - called AssistantExtensions - transforms Siri from a humble personal assistant, into mighty, powerful digital butler ready to undertake almost any potential task.

Joe White

Unsigned Code Now Running On iPhone 4S, Jailbreak Solution Shouldn't Be Far Away

Recently, more information regarding the iPhone 4S jailbreak has hit the Web. In a Twitter update posted by @planetbeing, it was noted that the jailbreak "dream team" has managed to get unassigned code to run on an iPhone 4S handset. Furthermore, a demo video of a jailbroken iPhone 4S has been posted online, and the Corona package has received an update that fixes iBooks.

Joe White

Jailbreak Dream Team Now Even Closer To Finishing iPhone 4S Jailbreak Solution

The jailbreak "dream team" currently hard at work on developing a jailbreak solution for the iPhone 4S (and iPad 2) has recently made significant progress. In a recent Twitter update, @planetbeing notes that the sandbox difficulties @pod2g had previously mentioned have now been conquered, meaning we're one step closer to seeing the release of the all-important jailbreak solution.

Joe White

Custom Shortcuts, No Jailbreaking Required

There is currently no iPhone 4S jailbreak. However, one of jailbreaking’s most impressive feature, SBSettings toggles, can be recreated on Apple’s latest handset, according to iDownloadBlog. Best of all, all that is required is an app available in the App Store.

Bryan M. Wolfe

The iPhone Dev-Team Talks iPhone 4S Jailbreak

In a recent Twitter update, iPhone Dev-Team member @MuscleNerd has shared some information on the state of the iPhone 4S jailbreak. In short, the Dev-Team has been able to jailbreak the handset, but @MuscleNerd does note that this is a "very preliminary" solution, and that there is "lots of work left."

Joe White