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Jonathan Ive

Apple Needs To Get Out Of The Man Cave With Its iOS App Designs

It’s no secret that Apple spends a lot of time designing the look of their iDevices. Whether it is the iPhone 4S (which is really just the iPhone 4 with better guts inside) or the iPad 2, it’s obvious Jonathan Ive and his team are perfectionists at heart. Apple’s attention to detail, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to extend to its recent app designs. These, in my opinion, just plain suck.

Bryan M. Wolfe

Jonathan Ive Considering Relocation To English Countryside?

Jonathan “Jony” Ive, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design, is reportedly considering leaving the company and moving back to England. Apparently, Ive is unhappy living away from England, and wants to spend more time in his native country, where he owns a four million dollar manor house in Somerset. Furthermore, Ive wants to educate his twin sons in England.

Joe White