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People love VOIP because it allows them to talk to people without being chained to a phone. The apps here will give you some great VOIP options for your iPhone, iPod and iPad. Due to a reader's request we have added Viber to this list, which ironically requires you to use a phone, but has iPod and iPad support on the way.

Greg Sapienza

For most the contacts app included on the iPhone is good enough. However, for those who are feeling unsatisfied with Apple's offering can check out the apps in this AppGuide to get more functionality. We have also updated this AppGuide to include Tacts, which is amazingly intuitive as well as feature rich.

Greg Sapienza

Sure, Apple's new iMesseger may have been announced recently, but with so many people without iDevices, it may be of use to look at these texting app and dodge the bill that you carrier is eager to give to you.

Greg Sapienza

New AppGuide: Call Recording Apps

The ability to record phone calls is a useful feature for many people. While the native iOS does not have this functionality, these apps will present you with some great options for recording phone conversations.

Greg Sapienza

Review: Google Voice - It's Official!

Google Voice is a service which allows you to have 1 phone number for all your phones. After a long wait, Google Voice has finally hit the App Store. You can now send and receive calls, SMS, and voicemail right from your iPhone! Let's see how it does in our in-depth review...

Hayk Chukhuryan

Majority Of iPhone Users Want Another iPhone, AT&T

If you were to base your opinion of the iPhone, and AT&T's service for it, solely on news stories and commentary, you might think the iPhone is one of the worst consumer electronics devices ever made. However, recent survey statistics show quite a different story.

Scott Grizzle

Cisco Wants Some FaceTime

While Cisco is the predominant provider of commercial networking equipment, they have also become a prominent provider of commercial VoIP phone systems. They've accomplished this by integrating well with their customer's existing infrastructure. Now, it appears they want to integrate with FaceTime as well.

Scott Grizzle

Citrix Wants iPhone Nirvana

Citrix, a leader in thin client computing, has been looking for what they call their "Nirvana Phone" that helps create a full desktop environment, using a phone as the brain. With the release of the iPhone 4, they believe they may finally have the device they've been looking for.

Scott Grizzle

Does RockYourPhone Really Rock?

The team at has created a set of apps that could change how you use the iPhone. Not only that they have some software that will make it easier to jailbreak your phone and what is now a fully featured Cydia replacement. You should check it out and see for yourself?

Joseph Treadwell