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Best iPad password keeping apps

Keeping up with passwords on your iPad can be a challenge. How do you keep your passwords in sync between all of your devices? This AppGuide will help you pick out the password manager app that is right for you.

Essential Apps

1Password - Password Manager and Secure Wallet

by AgileBits Inc.

If you've ever forgotten a password, then you know how frustrating it can be to retrieve it. With 1Password, you are required to remember just one password. That one password will unlock this app and give you access to all of your logins. This app will also generate strong, unique passwords for each site. It has a built-in web browser and holds other kinds of secure data such as credit cards, passports, and bank accounts. Though the app itself is free, the pro upgrade to unlock many of the features is $9.99. The fact that 1Password is a universal app and syncs with your computer (with the separate purchase of a Mac App), makes this a favorite among users and reviewers alike.


by Acrylic Software

Wallet is an app that stores and encrypts your passwords, credit card numbers, serial numbers, etc. While doing so, it also syncs all of your data to your iPhone and Mac using Dropbox or another WebDav server. If you're looking to buy a complete setup (both the iOS and Mac apps), Wallet's Mac version is much cheaper than 1Password's, marking Wallet as a useful and essential app.

oneSafe - Premium password manager

by Lunabee Pte. Ltd.

The beautiful universal app oneSafe uses iCloud for syncing. While containing the same amount of functionality as 1Password, oneSafe manages to capture the best of iOS with a stunning interface and intuitive navigation. iCloud syncing works well and makes this app a winner. While there is no Mac app equivalent to sync to, oneSafe is easily one of the best password managers on iOS.

Notable Apps

DataVault Password Manager

by Ascendo Inc.

DataVault is a notable alternative to 1Password. The app makes the transition easy by allowing data import from 1Password, eWallet, SplashID, mSecure, IE, Firefox, Roboform and many others through the Windows or Mac desktop app. The app provides sync through MobileMe, WebDAV, local Wi-Fi, and file sharing. The app can store many different types of data including passwords, credit cards, frequent flyer numbers, bank accounts, inventory and more. It also has a nice interface, but not nearly as elegant or beautiful as 1Password.

eWallet - Password Manager and Secure Storage Database Wallet

by Ilium Software, Inc.

This app, eWallet, provides a complete system for managing your passwords. The app will run on your iPhone, iPad and your computer. Sync is only available if you are on the same Wi-Fi network as your computer. The app itself looks much more plain than 1Password. If you are looking for an app of pure beauty, this is not it. If you are more of a utilitarian, this is a great app. The app allows you to store more than just passwords, making it a place to store anything requiring security. Its security is provided through 256-bit AES encryption, time-outs, and an automatic password generator. All in all, eWallet does provide a complete solution for password management and is a nice alternative to 1Password.

LastPass Password Manager & Secure Digital Vault for Premium Customers

by Marvasol, Inc DBA LastPass

Users of will be pleased to know that there is an official iOS app available for both iPhone and iPad. LastPass offers the same security features as the other apps highlighted in this guide. Creating an account with LastPass is free and allows you access from your Mac or PC. However, for a subscription fee of $12 a year, you can upgrade your free account to premium. A premium account will grant you access to your data from supported devices, including your iDevice!

Decent Apps

PasswordWallet - Password Manager

by Selznick Scientific Software, LLC

Password Wallet is another complete password management system. It is available on Android, Windows Mobile, Palm Classic, WebOS, and the iPhone. The app also has a companion app for Windows and the Mac. It can sync through any WebDAV server and your computer or iPhone using Blowfish encryption. With one of the simplest interfaces it can, at times, looks like a blown up iPhone app. It can store more than just passwords and at a lower cost it may be more appealing to some folks. The app is only $4.99 and will run on both your iPad and iPhone.

SplashID Safe for iPad

by SplashData

SplashID is yet another alternative to 1Password. The app is available on a wide variety of devices including Android, Blackberry, webOS, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, and Series 60. The app also has a counterpart Mac or Windows app that provides access to your data on your laptop or desktop computer. Syncing between devices requires that you use your Windows or Mac computer. The app currently only supports portrait mode and will support landscape in a future update. Splash ID does offer 256-Blowfish encryption, automatic password generation (like eWallet and 1Password), and the ability to create custom records. The app does provide another decent alternative to 1Password.

My Eyes Only 7 - Personal Data Security Manager

by Software Ops LLC

The interface is simple and yet still appealing. It does the same things most of the apps in this guide do. You can store passwords, credit cards, bank accounts, and more. Because this app does require a paid subscription to utilize all of its features, it isn't for everyone.

Other Apps

mSecure Password Manager

by mSeven Software, LLC

Keeper® Password & Data Vault for iPad

by Callpod Inc.

MyWallet Pro - Password & credit card manager

by Pavel Kanzelsberger

iPIN - Secure PIN & Password Safe


Password Safe - iPassSafe+

by Netanel Software

UniQPass HD Pro - Secure Password Wallet and Data Vault

by LiniQue

pwSafe - Password Safe compatible Password Manager

by App 77 Informatica e Servicos LTDA

Password Manager

by EmpoweredDesignApps

Blasphemous Password

by Interactive Blasphemy LLC

Password Awesome

by Wesley Dyson

RPG (Random Password Generator)

by Photility

Protected Notes

by Razor Apps, LLC

PassGEN Password Suite

by Sean Wallace

Password Tote

by ControlDev

My Daily Journal

by JI Software Company, LLC


by GmbH

Secret Password Keeper

by Universal Studio

Password Manager Free - Privacy Data Vault & Private Web Browser

by Wave Wang

Yet Another Simple Password Keeper

by James Griffin

Lock2020 - Safe Password Security


PassDiary – The Password Manager

by Epicomm technologies Ltd

Safe Notes HD

by Thomas Tsopanakis

Vault - Secure Password Manager & Wallet with Dropbox Backup : Store Secret Private Data

by XLabz Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Password Keeper+ Pro

by Bestedu

Cozi Password Vault - Password Manager

by Cozi

Ultimate Password Saver


Password Secure Manager Pro - Hide/Lock Secret Info & Note Hidden

by Gladrap Studio

Universal Password Manager HD

by Panorama Concepts

iPassworder HD

by Dmitrij Vinokurov

Password Manager App - My Safe Accounts Data Vault For iPad

by Free Secure App Manager For Lock Private Password Data Vault Safe


by Siber Systems, Inc.

LastPass Wallet

by LastPass

LastPass Tab Browser

by LastPass
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