Moon Map Apps

Google Earth For The Moon!


Have you ever wanted to get a really good look at the moon? Well, we have found some Google Earth-like apps for the moon! We compare our favorites in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

  • $0.99

    Moon Globe HD

    by Midnight Martian

    Moon Globe HD is, well, fantastic. This universal app has already been optimized for the iPad 2. We love that the developer actually recommends the free version over the paid version for most of its users! The description clearly says that unless you are a moon fanatic that needs the ultrahigh resolution included in the HD version, that you should download the free version instead. So, if you are someone that craves really great-looking moon images, then grab the HD version. There is a really cool feature that lets you view the moon as it looks from your location. You can also browse the moon’s globe as you would in Google Earth. Moon Globe and Moon Globe HD are the essential moon map apps.

  • Free

    Moon Globe

    by Midnight Martian

    You’ll find most of the same features at Moon Globe HD here. The app is ad-free and runs universally on iPads and iPhones. The only difference here is that the rendering times and image quality are a bit less than you’ll find in the HD version. Moon Globe is an essential app, and this version is absolutely free.

Notable Apps

  • $5.99

    Moon Atlas

    by Julian James

    Moon Atlas is the best alternative to the essential apps. The price is what really sets this app back. This universal app costs $5.99, which is not terrible, but not the low cost of $0.99 that many other quality apps are set at. We love that you get both an atlas and a globe within this app. There are over 1,800 landmarks including 26 spacecraft landings. This is a great app that moon fanatics should consider.

  • $0.99

    Moon Map Pro

    by Kari Kulmala

    Moon Map Pro is a very good alternative to Moon Globe and Moon Globe HD. This app is iPhone only and will run on the iPad in 2x mode. The app includes tons of different moon landmarks and includes some handy calculations such as libration, terminator, illumination, right ascension, and declination. This is a quality app that may be worth your buck.

Decent Apps

  • Free

    Moon Map

    by Kari Kulmala

    Moon Map is an okay free option. There is a wonderful map included and it does include some landmarks, but only around 650 of them. We would love to see an iPad native version of this app in the future. A nice app that is completely free and worth a look.

  • Free

    Moon Map Lite

    by Kari Kulmala

    Moon Map Lite is an even lighter version of the already free Moon Map. We are not sure who this app is for. We would recommend getting Moon Map if you are interested in an app in this style. An okay app, but with Moon Map available there is no reason for it.

Other Moon Apps

  • $1.99

    Apollo Photos

    by Double Dog Studios

    Apollo Photos is a great way to see some of the top photos from the Apollo missions. You get 160 official NASA photographs and 12 video clips. The organization of the app is well thought out and the app is pleasant to use. Moon fans should check this app out.

  • Free

    Sun Circuit

    by Vemedio

    Sun Circuit is a different kind of moon and sun app. This one serves as a countdown timer to either the sunset or sunrise depending on the time of day. The app will automatically calculate where you are and show you the appropriate timer. You can also set countdowns for different cities, which makes it easy to tell if it is appropriate to call someone in that city. The app is easy to use and incredibly useful. Moon lovers will want this one to see how long they must wait until the moon is fully visible.