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Best Secure File Locker Apps

We all have files that we do not want everyone seeing. On a desktop there are plenty of encryption apps that safely secure these types of files. Contrary to what some believe, the iPad can also accomplish this same type of encryption with these apps.

Essential Apps

GoodReader for iPad

by Good.iWare Ltd.

GoodReader is a Swiss army knife kind of app, with many great features. One feature that many are not aware of however, is GoodReader’s ability to secure important files. After enabling the option in the settings, you have the option of securing either individual files or the entire app with a password. Even if you choose to use another app to protect your data, GoodReader is a must-have for anyone with an iDevice, simply for its vast number of features that would require a separate review to cover.

Stash: Private Photos, Videos, Docs, Browsing

by Hedonic Software

Stash Pro is a great option for those who just want to keep their data safe. Its method of accessing files stored in its file system are much more secure than GoodReader’s implementation. For example, there is an option you can enable to use a login gesture as an extra layer of security. It also includes a built-in private web browser so files can be downloaded safely. In addition, Stash Pro has AirPlay support, so videos do not ever have leave the app in order to have this functionality. These along with many other features make Stash Pro a great app for ensuring the safety of your data.

Notable Apps


by phnsft

Safe is a super secure app that has 256 bit AES encryption. It is a very good app when it comes to security but lacks in other areas. For example, Safe cannot store any video files. What it is good for is data such as images, banking info and other notes. If you can live with that type of limitation then you should try this highly secure app.

NotePrinter with email and secured files

by EuroSmartz Ltd

NotePrinter is an okay choice for securing files. Much like Stash Pro, it has support for many file types and even has the ability to print documents. However, it can be rather unstable and is a bit pricy compared to the other apps. It would not be my first choice for securing data but if printing (without AirPrint) your secured files is important to you, then give this app a look.

Decent Apps

PDF Vault for iPad

by Hurryforward Ltd

PDF Vault is a very simple app to talk about. What it does is store PDF files secured by a password. Unfortunately, it only uses a four digit pin and does not really have any features at all worth talking about. It is a bit crash prone and probably not the best app in its category.

Secure Files for iPad

by G.P. Imports, Inc.

Secure Files is probably not the app you are looking for to secure your files. To start with, the app only uses a three digit combination to gain access to your files. This implementation is the worst out of all of the apps listed here. In addition, Secure Files cannot display common file formats such as Microsoft Word Files, although it can store them. Overall you should stay away from this app if you are looking to secure your files.

Other Apps
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