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Audio Memo Sharing Apps

Sharing an audio recording is dead simple with the iPhone. There is a built in app that enables you to do this and tons of third party apps to help out. Check out this AppGuide to find the best one out there.

Essential Apps


by Evernote

Evernote is free, universal, and an essential app to share audio recordings. Evernote now includes a 90 minute recording limit. The app even allows you to record audio in the background. Evernote can share that audio to anyone through a simple email. The audio will be instantly accessible to you on any one of your computers or devices with Evernote installed. The app also supports background playback of your audio with controls through the multitasking dock. The app is simple and effective and if all you need to do is share audio recordings, then this is the app for that.

Audio Memos Pro

by Imesart S.a.r.l.

Audio Memos is the best alternative to Evernote. Evernote was designed to do a bunch of great things with audio as one of them. Audio Memos is an app just for recording audio on your iOS device. The app is designed to run on both the iPhone and iPad. The app is dead simple to operate and includes several unique features. The app includes timer activation, volume boost, app passcode security, remote access, FTP integration, a normalizing filter, and much more. Audio Memos is just loaded with tons of amazing features that are implemented in an easy and natural way. The app also includes editing functionality and sharing of audio through email. Audio Memos is a great full featured audio recorder for any iOS device.

Notable Apps

Say it & Mail it Recorder

by Carnation Software

Say It & Mail It Recorder does exactly what the title describes. The app provides four different methods to start an audio recording and immediately email it. The app can start recordings by tapping on a screen button, holding your iPhone to your ear, shaking your device, or tapping the microphone. The app allows you to email to one person or an entire group of people. If you have a camera on your iOS device it can even snap a picture to email with your audio. There are tons of great features that make the app a great alternative to the essential apps.


by BestBefore Media Ltd

AudioBoo lets you share audio recordings with the world. The service and app integrate with Twitter and AudioBoo’s own user accounts. The time limit per audio file is 5 minutes, but the company has been known to up your limit upon request. The app itself has a very simple interface. Simply hit start and a recording will start within few seconds. When finished, tap publish, and within seconds you’ll be able to describe it, tag it, attach a picture and upload it. The app will continue recording audio in the background if you need to leave the app. The service can share your AudioBoos with Twitter, Facebook, Posterous, FriendFeed and Tumblr. You will need to set up sharing through the website to enable this. Currently the app and service are completely free. The app is a must have for those that want to share a simple audio recording with the world.


by AlchemAid, LLC

NoteMinder is an alternative to Say It & Mail It Recorder. The app launches, lets you record audio, and then immediately sends it off as an email. The app will run in an iPad optimized interface (something the former app does not). We found that Say It & Mail It Recorder does a better job with getting in and mailing it than this one. It is a great option for those that want an iPad optimized alternative.

Decent Apps


by Retronyms

Recorder has some intriguing features. For an additional fee, the app can record outgoing calls from your iPhone. The app includes all of the standard features you would expect from a recording app. Recorder can email recordings or share recordings through a local Wi-Fi network. The interface is well designed and is a great option.

SpeakEasy Voice Recorder

by Zarboo Software

SpeakEasy Voice Recorder is an alternative to the essential apps. The developers have ceased development of the app. The last update to the app came out in February 2010. The app is truly a great one and it is sad to see such a fantastic app be abandoned. The app features adjustable audio quality, audio organization, Wi-Fi file sharing, pause/start recordings, and much more. SpeakEasy will compress your audio to allow even longer recordings to be sent through email. However, since the app has been abandoned, it cannot be recommended as an essential or notable app.

AudioMemo personal recorder

by Sami Vehmaa

AudioMemo personal recorder is an app we could not really recommend. The app records in the CAF format, which isn’t used that much. The app has a simply terrible interface, and it hasn’t been updated in many months. The app has potential, but right now it is one to avoid.

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