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Call Recording Apps

The ability to record phone calls is a useful feature for many people. While the native iOS does not have this functionality, these apps will present you with some great options for recording phone conversations. Please be aware of the laws in your state when using these apps.

Essential Apps

Google Voice

by Google, Inc.

Google Voice needs no introduction. Its features and uses are well known, but one feature that many may not know exists in Google Voice is the ability to record calls. This can be achieved by pressing the number four while in a received call. Of course there is a minor restriction. You can only start recording during incoming calls. You will not have the option of recording your phone call during an outgoing call. With the price of free, no hidden fees, and a ton of other features for phone calls, Google Voice is a winner.

Notable Apps

TapeACall Pro - Record Calls

by Epic Enterprises

TapeACall is one of the prettier apps when it comes to interface. The functionality of this app is very pleasing as well. The app will not only record incoming calls, but also allows for recording of outgoing calls. You have no limits on how many recordings you can have or how long they can be. You can access your recordings in many different ways. Download them to your computer or email them to yourself. You can even share them through text. Beep tones are audible every once in a while to inform callers they are being recorded. This is a pricey app, but you don't need to purchase credits for minutes.

Call Recording by

by Openwave Computing Services (P) Ltd

Call Recording by is a what I like to call a gem. The UI is simple and clean just like its ability to use. Just input your phone number, your email, and create a pin number. Your recordings will be emailed to you after your phone call. You can even choose to have them transcribed.

Decent Apps


by Clever Panda LLC

If you're looking for a way to record outgoing calls then you may want to give PhoneTap a try. The app makes both you and the person you are speaking with aware that the phone call is being recorded from the beginning of the call, which I believe could help avoid legal issues. The app comes with 20 minutes of recording time, but you can acquire more through in-app purchases. You can also email your recordings.

Call Recorder - IntCall

by TeleStar LTD

Call Recorder - IntCall is another app that allows recording of outgoing calls. The app is free to download and even comes with a free one-time credit and a free test call to their answering machine so you that you can try out the service for yourself. The UI isn't very appealing, but you are able to get a feel for the app before investing money.

Other Apps
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