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Video Recording Apps

The built-in video camera app on the iPhone and iPod touch are great. There are some benefits other apps can provide. This AppGuide will focus on showcasing the best apps for capturing video on your iDevice.

Essential Apps

Camera Plus Pro

by Global Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Camera Plus Pro is the essential video camera app for iOS. The video recording is quite advanced. The app features exposure adjustment (while recording video), zooming, pause support, easy tagging, front/back camera switching (one mode per video), video filters, time lapse support, and geo tagging. The app can also can upload videos to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. The app can mail videos and sync with your built in camera roll. Currently there is no batch upload feature for videos. The app lets you capture amazing looking video that surpasses the built in camera app. If you need to capture video on your iOS device, there is no better app.

Notable Apps


by Cocologics

ProCamera is the best alternative to the essential app. The app includes the same ability as Camera Plus Pro to adjust the exposure on the fly. The app includes some great post processing tools like Pro Lab, Pro Cut, and Pro FX. The app is loaded to the brim with great features. If you are unhappy with the essential app, then this is a fantastic alternative.

Camera Genius

by CodeGoo

Camera Genius is a good alternative to Camera Plus Pro. The app features a pretty basic video camera, which is very similar to the built in app. The app can zoom while recording video. Camera Genius provides a number of different sharing options. These include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, MobileMe, Tumblr, your built in clipboard, and email. The app is great for sharing video, but lacks many options in recording video.

8mm Vintage Camera

by Nexvio Inc.

8mm Vintage Camera lets you capture retro styled videos. The app features five different lenses and five different films that are recorded in real time. The app lets you mix and match so you can create the perfect video. Vintage Camera lets you send videos to your camera roll, YouTube, or through email. Videos can also be sent through the iTunes sharing feature. Overall the app is a great addition to your arsenal of video recording apps. The app will not replace the essential one, but it offers some very unique functionality.

FiLMiC Pro

by Cinegenix, LLC

Filmic Pro is a great choice for expanding the iPhone's existing video capture capabilities if you are not looking for too much functionality. With features such as frame rate selection, overlays, audio metering and support for thrid party lense mounts, this app is sure to get you video the way that you want it. When that is done Filmic Pro gives you a variety of online services to store your masterpiece including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Dropbox. This certainly helps to seal the deal and makes this app one that should be given a test run despite not being as feature rich as other apps here.

Decent Apps

Professional Camera

by Spark So

Professional Camera offers some great functionality. The app will let you adjust the point of focus and exposure. The coolest thing this app does is you actually can see the volume levels of audio you are recording. The ability to see how loud your audio is can really help you capture great sounding audio in the field. The app is still a work in progress and not quite as solid as some of the other alternatives.

Precorder: Video Camera for Unforgettable Moments

by Airship Software

Another app that offers some cool functionality is Precorder. The app records a few seconds before you hit the record button to ensure you don’t miss a moment. The app can only share videos through Facebook or email. Overall a brilliant idea that helps you get the start of the video nailed, but the app is far too limited to be an essential one.

Camcorder Pro - HD Video with Retina Display

by Game Lingo

Camera Pro is a solid option for those wanting to record video. The app includes a grid helper to line up your shots. Camera Pro also helps you record video without others knowing it. The app features a secret mode. The secret mode turns the screen into a fake lock screen, which can be used to fool others into thinking you are not shooting video. The app is not nearly as full featured as many of the other apps, but is a decent app.

Other Apps
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