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Aldrin is an electronics engineer based in the Philippines. To paraphrase Erasmus: When Aldrin gets a little money he buys books and apps, and if any is left he buys food and clothes. E-mail him at
Latest from Aldrin At Bat Updated With New Features in iOS 10 At Bat has just received an update that delivers a couple of new features leveraging certain capabilities in iOS 10.

Apple Music's Partnership With Drake Continues to Flourish

The Grammy-winning Canadian rapper’s latest studio album has become the first album to be streamed over a billion times on Apple Music.

Apple Music's Killer Feature: Siri Tricks

Siri can tap into Apple Music’s catalog of more than 30 million songs to play just about whatever you want in an instant.

Siri Not Pronouncing Names Correctly? You Can Teach It How

We’re here to teach you how to teach Siri pronounce names the right way.

Create and Share Your Own Personalized Trivia With Trivia Crack X

There is still trivia in Trivia Crack X, but this time, things are getting a bit personal.

Facebook Messenger Gets New 'Chat Assist' Features for Polls and Payments

Facebook has just begun rolling out, beginning with users in the U.S., a couple of enhancements to its Messenger app.

Are You a Grammar Snob? This iMessage Sticker Pack Is Just For You

Get Grammar Snob and start calling out your friends for their “word crimes” in style.

Facebook Messenger Updated With CallKit Integration in iOS 10

CallKit integration enables Messenger to adopt the native Phone interface for calls.

Batman - The Telltale Series Is Out Now on iOS

Telltale’s much-hyped Batman game has finally stepped out of the shadows and into the App Store.

How to Save Drafts of Your Posts in Instagram

Instagram is finally rolling out the ability to save posts as drafts, which had been one of the most requested features on the platform.

Google Launches AI-Powered Messaging App Allo

As if we aren’t yet already inundated with a surplus of messaging apps, Google has launched the latest high-profile one in the form of Google Allo.

Airmail Now Lets You Send Emails With Siri and Share Attachments in iMessage

Airmail's new update unlocks several noteworthy features for iOS 10, including Siri support, a couple of new widgets, and iMessage integration.

Google Photos Takes on Apple Photos' Memories With Creative Concepts

Google has come out with a significant update to Google Photos, seemingly to remind users that its acclaimed app remains the photo and video sharing and storage service to beat.

Scratch It, Burn It, Bend It: The iPhone 7 Is Put to the Durability Test

This durability test puts Apple’s latest smartphone through its paces.

What's Inside the iPhone 7? iFixit's Teardown Has the Answers

Like clockwork, the folks at the popular consumer electronic repair site iFixit are on tap for an exhaustive teardown of the iPhone 7.

Pandora Launches New Plus Subscription, Teases On-Demand Music Service

Pandora has just introduced a new subscription service and has also made its next major move known.

Survey Your Friends the Fast and Fun Way With Emoji Poll for iMessage

Emoji Poll is your best bet when it comes to surveying your family and friends about their preferences and opinions.

No, Apple Won't Be Acquiring Tidal After All

Contrary to what the rumor mill has been saying, Apple won’t be acquire Tidal, one of the rivals of its music streaming service, after all.

Foursquare Now Lets You Send Swarm Stickers in iMessage

Foursquare has brought the colorful stickers in its popular location check-in app, Swarm, to iMessage.

IMDb's iMessage App Makes Talking About Movies and TV Shows Easy

Do you spend a great deal of time chatting about films, TV shows, and celebrities? Then the new iMessage app of IMDb is just the thing for you.

Easily Share Photos From Your Email via iMessage With AOL's Alto

Alto offers hassle-free email photo attachment sharing with your family, friends, and coworkers all done in iMessage.

A Genius Idea: Let Song Lyrics Do the Talking in iMessage

Do you talk in lyrics? Then you’re sure to be delighted, because here comes the new iMessage app of the popular lyric annotation site Genius.

ESPN Scores Big With Its Very Own iMessage App

Unlike most iMessage apps, ESPN’s features neither sticker packs nor animated GIFs. But then again, most iMessage apps are not geared toward athletics aficionados.

Citymapper Gets Into the iMessage Fun, With 3 iMessage Apps

Citymapper, the popular transit app, is one of the many apps that’s jumping on the bandwagon on day one of the official release of iOS 10.