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Aldrin Calimlim

Aldrin is an electronics engineer based in the Philippines. To paraphrase Erasmus: When Aldrin gets a little money he buys books and apps, and if any is left he buys food and clothes. E-mail him at
Latest from Aldrin

Use your Ultimate Briefcase to protect yourself from bombs in Nitrome's new game

Ultimate Briefcase is the first title to be released under the publishing program of Nitrome.

You don't need mad skills to make mad music with PlayGround

With this PlayGround, your iOS device is your playground when it comes to making amazing music — no special skills required.

Cartoon Network packs a punch with OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo

OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo is the first original mobile game to be released by Cartoon Network. Well, sort of.

Players gonna play Taylor Swift's upcoming mobile game from Glu

Taylor Swift’s mobile game will likely offer a celebrity simulation gaming experience quite similar to that offered in Katy Perry Pop.

Apple rolls out iPhone screen protector installation service in Japan

Apple store employees are now allowed to install screen protectors on customers’ iPhones using special tools and supplies from Belkin.

Microsoft updates Bing for iPhone to help you shop faster and save more

Microsoft has just released another major update to the official iPhone app of its Bing search engine.

Apple TV's universal search now supports Fox Now, FXNow and Nat Geo TV

Apple TV's universal search has been expanded to support three apps for channels owned by 21st Century Fox.

Superheroes get schooled in Marvel Avengers Academy

Marvel Avengers Academy is an adventure simulation game that reimagines popular Marvel characters as college students.

Dofus Pogo, arcade game based on popular MMORPG, is out now on iOS

Dofus Pogo is an action arcade game that has you flinging bird-like creatures to hit thieving monsters.

You may already be able to switch between multiple accounts on Instagram

Instagram has begun rolling out support for switching between multiple accounts — without logging out — in its official iOS app.

Goodshows is like Goodreads but for movies and TV shows

Goodshows is built around the belief that, “Your friends are your true recommendation engine.”

You'll now be seeing 60-second video ads on Instagram

Instagram has once again doubled the maximum video ad duration, this time to a full minute.

Apple expands Flyover and other Maps features to new locations

Apple has just gone live with another round of coverage expansion for some of the key features of its Maps service.

Apple Music now lets Android users save songs to SD cards for offline listening

Apple Music for Android now has a feature that Apple Music for iOS doesn’t — and probably will never have.

Want to play Bomberman on iOS and Apple TV? Ninja Boy Adventures is your best bet

One look at Ninja Boy Adventures and you’ll know right away that it takes its inspiration from Bomberman.

You'll no longer be in the dark with ProCamera's new low-light photography mode

The marquee feature in the new version of ProCamera is, without a doubt, Lowlight Plus.

Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest gets more heroic and more rewarding

Nearly a couple of months after its release, Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest has received its first major update.

Find zombody to love in Plants vs. Zombies 2's Valenbrainz event

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is celebrating Valenbrainz once again with an event that runs from Feb. 2 through Valentine’s Day.

Popular mobile accessory makers Zagg and Mophie announce merger

Two of the biggest names in the mobile accessory business is joining forces.

Microsoft acquires popular AI-powered predictive keyboard app SwiftKey

Microsoft is set to acquire SwiftKey, the maker of the popular predictive keyboard app of the same name, for $250 million.

Kill the Plumber in this Super Mario parody anti-platformer

Kill the Plumber World is a parody of Super Mario in particular and platforming tropes in general.

Love is in the air: The Sims FreePlay gets Valentine's Day update

The Sims FreePlay invites you to treat your Sims to a romantic getaway in a tropical island paradise.

Password management app Enpass goes 5.0 with new design and features

Check out Enpass, which has just been updated to version 5.0 with new features and improvements.

Assassin's Creed Identity action RPG officially comes out on Feb. 25

Identity is touted as the first Assassin’s Creed mobile game to stay close to the brand’s established gameplay style.