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Aldrin is an electronics engineer based in the Philippines. To paraphrase Erasmus: When Aldrin gets a little money he buys books and apps, and if any is left he buys food and clothes. E-mail him at
Latest from Aldrin

Enjoy Apple TV as Loud as You Want, Without Waking the Kids

Unlike with a mobile device or a computer, content on TV is meant to be consumed with the volume up. But this often leads to disturbing issues.

The Best Ad Blockers And Should You Use Them

If you do decide to do away with online advertising while using Safari on your iOS devices, what’s the best ad blocker that you can use?

The best way to recover data from iCloud backup

There exists a third-party tool that you can use to customize your iOS device backup restoration experience.

8 awesome apps you won't hear people talking about

Here are some very good apps you should check out.

Shazam for iOS plays more nicely with Apple Music

You’ll now be able to add any track from Shazam to any of your playlists on Apple Music.

New Apple TV ad features Siri Remote and smooching stars

The new ad for the Apple TV highlights the functionality of the Siri Remote, which comes with the set-top box.

Apple Music for Android updated with home screen widget

Apple has just updated the official Android app of Apple Music with several improvements, most notably including a home screen widget.

The app economy? There's an Apple original TV series for that

Apple’s first foray into original TV is going to be a series about … apps.

Apple releases new build of iOS 9.3 to fix activation glitch on iPad 2

Apple has responded to complaints that installing iOS 9.3 on older iOS devices has resulted in a significant activation issue.

You can now order the iPhone SE and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro

Now’s your chance to be among the first people to have either — or both — of Apple’s newest iOS devices.

Google reportedly working on new live-streaming app YouTube Connect

Google is apparently getting serious about the live-streaming business.

Apple Pay coming to mobile websites before year's end

Apple’s mobile payment service may soon be coming to a new turf: the complex of mobile websites.

Google Maps updated with ride service tab and Spotlight search

Google Maps has been updated with built-in options for finding ride-sharing and taxi-hailing services.

Apple Maps' Nearby search feature is now available in Japan

The Nearby feature of Apple Maps has just undergone another expansion.

Google reportedly developing search-optimized keyboard for iOS

The flagship feature of Google’s iOS keyboard is said to be search, which, of course, is unsurprising given that it’s being developed by the search giant.

Moonbeeps: Gizmo is a virtual dashboard for futuristic fantasies

Moonbeeps: Gizmo is a virtual control panel for a rocket ship, or any high-tech vehicle or contraption.

Telltale reveals first details about its upcoming Batman game

Telltale has come out with the first set of details about its highly anticipated Batman game.

Happy Street and iBlast Moki developer Godzilab unleashes Pirate Power

Pirate Power's combination of combat, crafting and exploration mechanics with lively graphics, sounds, and dialogs may just win you over at once.

Thwart the robopocalypse in Tower Defense: Robot Wars

Tower Defense: Robot Wars couldn’t be any more apt as the name of a tower defense game that features wars against robots.

Classic iOS digging game I Dig It gets Remastered

I Dig It Remastered is an enhanced version of the first I Dig It digging game.

Knoto automatically sends your friends the photos they're in

Knoto taps into artificial intelligence to streamline private photo sharing.

Play a basketball mini-game in Facebook Messenger

Facebook has just updated Messenger for iOS with a somewhat secret basketball mini-game.

Retro City Rampage DX now wreaking havoc on iOS

Retro City Rampage DX is an excellent sendup of retro and open-world crime games.

Miitomo, the first mobile title from Nintendo, is out now in Japan

Miitomo is a social messaging app that features Miis, free-form digital avatars first used on Nintendo’s Wii console system.